Full disclosure: VampireNomad and Lenore gave me their plague and I am writing this under the influence of a cold; NyQuil; and lack of sleep.  

I follow Twitter as I am sure most of you do. I have noticed that sex sells in any capacity--food, booze, entertainment. I subscribe to twitter feeds from most news outlets, as well as entertainment outlets. I am always flabbergasted as to what twitpics the entertainment outlets post. 

I don't want to come off as being prudish or to be shaming people because I am not. I am not that woman. I am all for "if you've got it flaunt it." But what I think has happened is that these entertainment outlets have pegged the consumer as being sex starved. We are inundated by images of what women are supposed to look like, but most women don't look like Hollywood actresses or the Kardashian women. 

Most women that have families, full time jobs, full lives do not have the time in the day to factor in everything we need to do and to also look like a million bucks when we leave the house. Some days, I'm just happy that I remembered to put mascara on and I come from a long line of women that will not leave the house without putting on their "face."  

It is heart breaking to see the pressure we place on post-pregnant women. We place so much emphasis on returning to our pre-baby weight and I am sure the women of Hollywood feel the same pressure. The only difference is that unless you have someone to watch your baby or children for you so you can get out to the gym a few times a week, then how will you lose your baby weight? 

I feel as though any support we give these images, by clicking into pictures or visiting websites that promote this imaging, does in fact support the objectification of women, Yes, some women choose to objectify themselves and that is their choice.  

I just know for me, that I won't be viewing these images when they pop-up on social media feeds.  


~Jennifer Ward

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