Gourd: An Illustrated Halloween Horror Story

Once upon a time there was a butternut squash.  He got purchased at a grocery store and brought home by Ginger, the VampireNomad's roommate.  Once he arrived at his home, the VampireNomad gave him the ability to express his true self. 

He was very angry, apparently.  The angriest butternut squash in the whole damn city, in fact.  VampireNomad loved him anyway.  Ginger named him Gourd.  And he took up residence in their fridge. 

Until one day the VampireNomad was out and while she was out she got the following photo from Ginger: 

Gourd was being sacrificed to satisfy fall soup cravings!  The VampireNomad could do nothing but helplessly watch as the texts came in... 

The final horrifying text was a video in which Gourd's fate was sealed forever... 

Noooo!!  Gourd!!  The massacre left Gourd unrecognizable and combined with spices, onions, and carrots, never to be seen again in his anthropomorphic form.

When the VampireNomad returned home, Gourd was served to her piping hot and in a bowl.   

Admittedly Gourd was delicious in soup form. 

The End. 

- Corinne Simpson