Week in Review - October 25 2013 - October 31, 2013


So, Corinne aka Vampire Nomad and I have been thinking about posting a week in review for a while now. This is so appropriate today as we may be suffering from Halloween candy hangovers and the sugar high that has faded.  

We had so many great blog posts this week and I think it is fitting that we start on Saturday October 25th. 

On October 25th, Vampire Nomad did a wonderful piece about Screamstress (Nicole Ewing) of Dark Knits Boutique. Screamstress makes the most wonderful corsets, bustiers, and costumes. She is über talented. She will be showcasing her Carnival line at the Edmonton Taboo Naughty but Nice Sex Show on November 14-17, 2013. I, for one, cannot wait to see the amazing creations she has dreamt up. 

Vampire Nomad and Alan Decker (CmdrAJD) regaled us with a tale of weightless suspension in their review of Gravity on October 26th. I have a real penchant for film reviews and I love how this review really delves into the heart of the story and whether the story line can carry the weight of the subject matter. I don't want to ruin it for you, because I think it is well worth the read.

In the Event of an Apocalypse by Alan Decker (October 27th) brings us his realization that he isn't, and in many cases most of us, are not self-sufficient to survive an apocalypse. Alan Decker's pieces always resonate with me because at some point I have had these same realizations as I know some of you have had too. 

Halloween week began on October 28th with my piece about Halloween of Yore. In this piece, I explore how my view of dressing up for Halloween has changed over the years. I also talk about the objectification of women's costuming. 

October 29th Vampire Nomad reviewed the movie Hocus Pocus in Hocus Pocus: A Halloween Live-Blog Review Thingy.  She asks us from the outset to not judge her choice of blog titles and I agree with her; titles are annoyingly hard to come up with. At any rate, she gives us the play-by-play of Hocus Pocus, which I love because it helps me to relive the movie. I really enjoyed this movie because of Bette Midler. Vampire Nomad enables us to enjoy this great Halloween movie through the written word. 

October 30th as we inch closer to Halloween,  Vampire Nomad tells us a real witch story Tibuta: A Witch Tale. I personally found this very interesting, but I love history and non-fiction stories. I don't want to give away too much if you haven't read it, but it involves the Salem Witch Trials. Please read it, it will not disappoint. 

I had the pleasure of writing a fictional piece called Under the Stage in honour of Halloween, October 31st. Essentially, this story is about elementary school children finding a hidden door in a storage room that takes them underneath the school. It's almost like a secret passage that they discover, but in this discovery much more awaits them at the other end of the tunnel. 

Please look back at these amazing blogs of the week and feel free to comment on any one of them...or all of them. We love your feedback.  

Tomorrow, Vampire Nomad will post a wonderful blog that isn't about Halloween as we head into November. Stay tuned for new and exciting posts that will take us to the end of the year.  

~Jennifer Ward

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