The Week That Was: Nov. 7-14, 2013

Vampire Nomad:  Last Thursday... a lifetime ago... what were we doing on

RantingnRaven:  Thursday was Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Part 1. It was a lifetime ago. I cannot even remember what I had for dinner last night. 

Vampire Nomad:  I had... um.... wait... wait, it'll come to me.  Uh... CURRY!  I had curry.  Damn, that was much harder than it should be.

RantingnRaven : HA! I seriously cannot remember what I ate yesterday. You are a better woman that I. 

Vampire Nomad:  Let's say you ate all four food groups, like a grown up.

RantingnRaven:  Ok ok...I most likely did and now add some chocolate and a coffee and we are set. In all seriousness, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee affects me so deeply. I think that I get so affected because this is my family’s story of being Native American.

Vampire Nomad:  I get that.  I'm glad you're writing about it.  I know how much it means to you.

RantingnRaven:  Thank you. Then you wrote about GRAMMAR (woot woot) 

Vampire Nomad:  Well, I wrote about no grammar, to be precise.

RantingnRaven:  Touché

Vampire Nomad:  Friday Friday and there ain't no grammar in the Boyband Academy, baby!

RantingnRaven:  Seriously? Who wrote those lyrics? They don't make sense once analyzed or sung for that matter. When a fan would sing that song, wouldn't they be like, "this doesn't even make sense"

Vampire Nomad:  I love boyband lyrics because you belt them out in the heat of the moment and man, it moves you.  And then later you read the actual words and you go "EH?  What now?"  Also... "touch me now - don't bother" is an actual lyric they sang.  MAKE UP YOUR MIND. Good old Backstreet.

RantingnRaven: least the lyrics and the music move you in the moment. So the moral is that one must stay in the moment to really appreciate the lyrics?

Vampire Nomad:  The moral is you must watch them sing because their power is their hypnotic dance and wet shirts.

RantingnRaven:  <face palm> I should know better...

Vampire Nomad:  I guess, technically, that's not a "moral".....



RantingnRaven:  in fact it's the exact opposite.

Vampire Nomad:  Picky picky.  Fine, the amoral thing is to watch them sing.

RantingnRaven:  Moral or amoral, it doesn't matter. They made their money off their swinging hips and wet t's. Old school twirking? 

Vampire Nomad:  Moving on to Saturday before I overheat....

RantingnRaven:  lol Time Travel and Justin Tweets? So you don't love fall? Is this the right assumption?

Vampire Nomad:  You know the girls on Pinterest with their photosets about leaves and pumpkin spice lattes and scarves?  I hate that.  Fall is just the death before you freeze.  So I mentioned that and Justin of course replied.

RantingnRaven:  That's irritating isn't it. Seriously, it's like a utopian look at fall. I love the colours of fall but I hate what fall represents.

Vampire Nomad:  I mean sure, like fall if you want to.  But to make all these gushy twirly swoony photosets about how fan-fucking-tastic it is and how nothing is like it ever and SPIN GUSH TWIRL... yeah, barf.  I'm not into that.

RantingnRaven:  There is no need EVER to be all gushy over fall. And stop the twirling

Vampire Nomad:  Hahahaha yeah!  Stop the twirling.  And, while you're at it, the twerking.I wish you could meet my friend Justin, though.  He's a totally amazing dude.

RantingnRaven:  Twerking over fall...grossI really wish I could too. He has such a funny on line persona.

Vampire Nomad:  He's lovely.  I wish he lived closer.  I wish you lived closer, Justin!  You're a cool dude.  And he's so funny.

RantingnRaven:  When you two banter, it seems natural so the readers get a great sense of your close friendship. I really like reading your twitter convos. Oops, now I sound like a stalker...I'm not really peeping in you guys, but it's twitter...

Vampire Nomad:  Hahahahahaha EEEEEK STALKER!! No, seriously, you'd really like him.

RantingnRaven:  Hahahaaha.

Vampire Nomad:  Then I talked about that Saturday in 2003.  Star Trek: TNG, of course.  Because my obsessions are nothing if not consistent.

RantingnRaven:  Thank goodness for consistency...

I actually really appreciate that you talk about TNG because I think there are a lot of women out there that enjoy TNG but don't talk about it."Picard Manouvre" epic verbage. Did you have a crush on Riker?

Vampire Nomad:  Oh man I was so obsessed with TNG

RantingnRaven:  I am so amazed at how good your memory is of the episodes.

Vampire Nomad:  I think my crush on Riker is a later-in-life thing.  I thought he was fun but kind of an epic playa back in the day.  I had more of a girl-crush on both Beverly and Deanna in turn, truth be told.  During their respective good hair seasons, I mean.  Lol

RantingnRaven:  OMG, me too. I didn't really fancy his goatee / beard ensemble. But I loved Deanna. She was stealthy and utterly amazing.

Vampire Nomad: I loved Deanna's obsession with chocolate. And I loved Beverly's sass.  She was a good aim with a phaser too.

RantingnRaven:  Yes Beverly had some wicked comebacks. Good strong female role models.

Aww, then there's Alan's post about "Think Happy Thoughts."

Vampire Nomad:  It's funny that we then move into Sunday because TNG makes me happy and also makes him happy. It was a lovely post that he wrote. Very upbeat which sometime we forget to give proper credit to. Good thoughts are important.

RantingnRaven:  Good thoughts and being positive are so important. He's right in that it is easier to be negative than positive. We can all name five things we don't like about ourselves before we can name five things we like about ourselves.

Vampire Nomad:  Well since Alan inspired us and we're grateful, let's say five things we like about him!  I'll start with Number One: Alan is the most generous friend ever.

RantingnRaven:  Well you know him better than I, but he is such a pleasure to work with.

Vampire Nomad:  What do you most like about his posts?

RantingnRaven:  I actually love his writer's voice. It's strong but unassuming.

Vampire Nomad:  Oooh agreed.  That's two lovely things you've said! Okay, back to me.  Number four: Alan has an expansive knowledge of pop culture.  I appreciate things like that.  You know me. I love his honesty.  When he writes, he isn't afraid to write straight from inside.

RantingnRaven:  Oh my goodness, yes he does. He has a lot of depth and breadth.

Vampire Nomad:  It gives a real sense of who he is and I love that glimpse.

RantingnRaven:  I was going to say that too. He writes from the heart.

Vampire Nomad:  Well thank you Alan for inspiring us to think positively!  May we all do so with more frequency.

Vampire Nomad:  So Monday....Remembrance Day.You wrote a lovely post about your grandfathers and their service.  I really liked that.

RantingnRaven:  Aww thank you. I have to admit that I find it hard to do a day like this justice.So many people have memories of their loved ones and all the great and amazing things they did to make our lives better. Both my grandfathers didn't say much about their experiences, but what they did say always captured my imagination.

Vampire Nomad:  I think the only way TO do a day like that justice is in the little personal memories.  It's much too hard to grasp or convey the scope of what they sacrificed, to really realize the brutality of war.  So to keep it personal and to hold onto the small memories is key.

RantingnRaven:  That's so true. I will always forever remember Deda as a guy that brushed his teeth with champagne. I would sit on Shelly's lap and trace the outline of his tattoo and I was enamored with it because it was Wile Coyote.

Vampire Nomad:  That's so sweet.  I don't have Remembrance Day memories of my grandfathers but I do remember sitting in grandpa's big black armchair while he read me a book about the circus.  I used to love that book.

RantingnRaven:  Ahh, that's a great memory. It's the little things that at the time seem so insignificant and then as an adult you can look back and remember how important that time together was.

Vampire Nomad:  (OMG we are so wordy.... hahaha) (we can't do anything briefly)

RantingnRaven:  hahhah! this is us and yes we are wordy

Vampire Nomad:  Tuesday's post was a departure.  I finally posted Butch and Fabienne.

RantingnRaven:  Ok, so Tuesday. I loved this post and for so many reasons but mostly because I remember the first time I saw Pulp Fiction and I thought how true to life this conversation was.

Vampire Nomad:  Can I confess?  I sat on that piece for a while because it was kind of dear to me.  I wanted to give it some room to breathe, to make sure I'd captured exactly what I wanted to say.  I REALLY love that scene, and Maria de Medeiros.

RantingnRaven:  I can tell that you did and not because I saw it in waiting on the site, but because good pieces need to ruminate for a while. It was well thought out and conveyed the passion it needed.

Vampire Nomad:  Thank you! When Quentin gets something right, he really gets it right.

RantingnRaven:  Yes he does. He's amazing. So "I Accidently Found Poetry"

Vampire Nomad:  Well honestly, I should just call out the publication that made that possible.  All thanks to Vogue for the Found Poetry.

RantingnRaven:  Ha! That's ok, great ideas have to be born from something. There's a writer I follow on Twitter that does those too. I did one in the summer and I loved it.  It turned out so well.

Vampire Nomad:  Oooh maybe we should do them more often!  I definitely had fun.

RantingnRaven:  We should. Maybe I'll post mine in response to yours at some point.

Vampire Nomad:  Do it!

RantingnRaven:  So then on Thursday I wrote about characterization and imagery in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

Vampire Nomad:  Yes, returning full circle to your beautiful examination of your own cultural history.

RantingnRaven:  I find this movie has so much depth that I could write about all its elements.

Vampire Nomad:  I remember the characterization of Sitting Bull in the movie Buffalo Girls (which I own because of Anjelica Huston reasons) painted him as a bit of an arrogant jerk by the time of Buffalo Bill's show.  Which I found odd because all the other Native Americans were painted quite well.

RantingnRaven:  And I like that they used Aboriginal actors and that it was filmed in Alberta.

Vampire Nomad:  I liked your analysis of him based on this film far better.

RantingnRaven:  I think Sitting Bull was probably a bit arrogant. I think at that time he was trying to shove the fact that he was so well liked in the face of the Indian Agent and the government.

Vampire Nomad:  Ahhh... well that explains things a bit.

RantingnRaven:  They show his arrogance a little bit in the movie but they also show that he gave his money back to the women and children. He was a well rounded character. So what do we have coming up?

Vampire Nomad:  You mean, sneak preview?

Dun dun dunnnnnn

RantingnRaven:  Yep just a teaser...

Vampire Nomad:  Tomorrow (well this will be posted Saturday so by then it will be yesterday but... gah, time travel...)... TOMORROW (Friday) Nathan Waddell returns to us!!  He's written a delightful story called 'Bedtime'.  You will love it.

RantingnRaven:  Yay!!! Love Nathan. Can't wait. Then we have Alan posting Sunday. It's an all male weekend.

Vampire Nomad:  Nathan has a gift for the written word, especially where insight and humour are concerned.  We have really talented men on this site!

RantingnRaven:  Yes he does. He’s very quick witted.

Vampire Nomad: That was the Week That Was on Vampire  Read back and enjoy!


~Jennifer Ward                                                     ~Corinne Simpson

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