Why is the Apple Store So Bananas?

Corinne's texts to me are always so lively and this one is no exception. She was at the Apple Store becoming technologically advanced and of course the time it took waiting, we chatted about her experience there. 


Vampire Nomad: It is always 100% bananas in the Apple Store!

RantingnRaven: Oh my gosh, yes. Are you waiting?

Vampire Nomad: Yep. I booked an appointment at the "genius bar" as otherwise you could die waiting. But it's still manic and backed up. Basically if I don't do this now I'd wait until Jan because forget getting through here in Dec!! :)

RantingnRaven: For sure. I'm shocked that it's always busy. December will be nuts. There is no getting in and out of there. 

Vampire Nomad: It's manic. I only come in if absolutely necessary - like something's broken. Who are all these people in here constantly? Surely their phones/Macs aren't all broken. So why are they here?

RantingnRaven: It's like pandemonium all the time. I have no idea. Like how many Apple products can people buy? Are these crazed consumers that are addicted to shopping? 

Vampire Nomad: I know they run classes too but.... like.... I just don't know. Are a thousand dogs eating a thousand power cords daily or something?

RantingnRaven: Ha! That would be a sight! I think most people have minor issues and only require a tutorial. There's probably lots of smashed screens. Once I was in there and there was a couple and their baby. They pulled out an iPad (in a large ziploc) and it was leaking fluid. The couple asked what they could do to fix it. The tech replied: you may want to buy a new one. Then the couple looked at their toddler in the stroller and put the iPad back in their bag. I assumed the toddler dropped it. 

Vampire NomadLol!!! Oh kids.....It's highly irritating to have an appointment, be checked in by an actual person, and then basically wonder if you've been forgotten.

RantingnRaven: I know. It is most irritating especially when someone comes in after you and they get served first. 

Vampire Nomad: fucking hate this place. 

RantingnRaven: Well why don't you tell me how you really feel ;) 

Vampire Nomad: Hahaha! The Apple Store is the opposite of Disneyland. It's just as busy and the employees just as deliberately friendly but one is awesome and makes you feel alive and one makes you want to stab things.

RantingnRaven: Ha! Whoa! You are so right. They are total opposites. Waiting to be seen by an Apple Genius cannot be likened to waiting in a line-up at Disneyland. See the Imaginariuns make waiting for the ride as entertaining as the ride. They are also masters of hiding the line-ups. The Apple store, not so much. 

Vampire Nomad: I enjoy waiting twenty minutes for Haunted Mansion far more than sitting for twenty minutes in this aggressively white store.

RantingnRaven: It IS so aggressive. It's blinding actually and sterile. 

Vampire Nomad: This 3G is killing me. 

RantingnRaven: Yay!!! Now you'll be tweeting like crazy. Well even more crazy. I don't even know how you limped that 3G along for so long. 

Vampire Nomad: Hahahahaha mad tweeting!

RantingnRaven: Oh look, it's the mad tweeter 

Vampire Nomad: Well I slowly removed things to keep it running. ;) Like games. etc. It was like giving it infusions of blood.

RantingnRaven: Ha! As you took an app away, it has a renewed sense of living. It was a blood transfusion it desperately needed to stay alive. 

Vampire Nomad: It so was! Like a reverse vampire.

RantingnRaven: Omg! How ironic. 

Vampire Nomad: Right?

RantingnRaven: Seriously...that's prolific. This is some prolific shit we got going on. 

Vampire Nomad: Don't we always?

RantingnRaven: Touché 

Vampire Nomad: We roll through life like gangstas, really. ;)

RantingnRaven: That is so true. 

Vampire Nomad: Epic! 

RantingnRaven: This is what happens when writers get bored waiting for their technology to be updated. 

~ Jennifer Ward & Corinne Simpson