Winter Poetry

As a youth, I would toil away with stone and chisel while lamenting my life. I was but a tortured teen with so much strife happening around me and within me that only poetry could save my soul. I don't write much poetry as an adult, but I feel like it's a good way to get the creativity flowing. So here are some poems I wrote in the depths of a winter storm. 


Winter Blues

The air sucked

out of her

time and again

in rapid succession

a blow to her body, she crept

jagged under-foot, it crinkled,



Stunned by Snow

Will this snow ever

Stop, she asked

Quizzically, no it answered

But only the tree was nearby

Covered in icicles

Looking terribly 



Symbiotic Sabotage

On a winter's day,

the sun is seductively soothing

It's pulling the children in and out,

but out is tragically appealing


The snow is begging to be made into igloos and snowmen

Into snowballs and tortured while hurtling through air

and with a thud makes contact with Marcus' back

Screaming children all glassy eyed with hope 


The hope of creating shelter and a haven to hide in and to whisper in

and to plan their next move of subliminal sabotage with little 

symbiotic substance worthy of note


~Jennifer Ward

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