Let's talk about Anjelica Huston

Let’s talk about Anjelica Huston.

If any one woman can simultaneously embody earthy bohemian beauty and cultured aristocratic glamor whilst walking the line between celebrity and actor with an effortless talent, it is Anjelica Huston.  The photographs of her from her formative modeling days that grace books, magazines, and of course the internet are almost unbearably chic.  Style, defined.  But no matter how much I love those fabulous images I am thankful beyond description that she answered the call to act because she is exquisite at rendering a role.

Let’s talk about Lilly Dillon.

Mostly because no conversation about Anjelica and acting can be had without broaching the subject of The Grifters.  In my world there are a few holy trinities (in terms of entertainment I subscribe to a polytheistic viewpoint) and one of those is comprised of Jim Thompson, noir, and Anjelica Huston.  Lilly Dillon is a tour de force performance and will forever change how you perceive Anjelica.  That is if you haven’t already seen Prizzi’s Honor in which her Maerose essentially defines how she can’t be defined onscreen.  She plays a wonderful villain - she is truly adept at glorious wickedness - but in her beleaguered human characters there is an absolutely arresting vulnerability.

Let's talk about writing.

It's not off-topic because Anjelica Huston is now an author.  She's penned a biography in two parts.  The first half, called 'A Story Lately Told: Coming of Age in Ireland, London, and New York', is out now and reads like savage poetry.  She wields words and memories like she wields characters onscreen: convincingly and with a haunting beauty.  And if anyone has a story to tell, it's Anjelica.  She of the legendary father, lost mother, and multi-year romance with Jack Nicholson to her name.  She's very much more than the sum of the family parts that comprise her, though, and the stories she tells ring vulnerable and wild and sweet all at once.  

So she's a triple threat.  She acts, writes and directs.  (Yes.  Did I forget to mention Bastard Out of Carolina and Agnes Browne?  Because those happened.)  She's fucking awesome.

Everybody needs a hero, kids.


- Corinne Simpson