And If I Stopped to Think About It…

I’d still come to the same conclusion…

Weekends are not long enough. I really believe that we should have a three-day weekend. One day is always spent running errands; cleaning; doing laundry and the likes.  Trust me if I was independently wealthy, I’d hire someone and pay them very well to do all that for me.

The second day might be an overflow day of the day before or if we are so exhausted from the six-day workweek, we might just collapse into a heap and try to rest. But often doing nothing comes at a price. And somewhere in this schedule, hanging out with friends and family might take precedence over rest. By all accounts, it should. Being with friends and socializing is a way to unwind and helps our psyche and well-being. We also have to throw in there getting some exercise. If I had a three-day weekend, I would:

·      dedicate a day to catching up with my friends

·      read a book from cover to cover

·      write ( I can always use the extra time)

·      lounge in a coffee shop and people watch

·      window shop

·      bake

·      take a stained-glass making class

·      and of course sleep in and watch terrible TV all day

In a perfect world we would have a three-day weekend and although I know this is not reality it is fun to dream a little.  I do, however, think that we as a society would be much happier with a little extra time to ourselves.

What would you do with your extra day?


~Jennifer Ward

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