Literary Angels

This a little known, true story about Corinne and I. Sometimes we have some pretty wicked ideas and The Literary Angels is one of them.

One day, Corinne and I were out for coffee and she told me the story about a vending machine somewhere in Europe that dispenses books for a nominal price. If I remember correctly they are random selections, so you would have no idea what book you are even getting. We thought about how great it would be to have that here in Canada.

We pondered for a moment how wonderful it would be to go a vending machine and pluck out some of our favorite books by our favorite authors or even a great book by a virtually unknown author.

And then there was a spark and our plan was devised. We would go to Wee Book Inn, a used bookstore in our community, and buy inexpensive books to deliver to unsuspecting recipients. We knew from the outset that we would give some of our friends books, but the other sixteen books would go to complete strangers. After our treasure hunt at the bookstore, we went to a local pizzeria to eat dinner and tie our books with ribbons and tags that said “from The Literary Angels.”

We then set forth to give our gifts of literature.  We drove all over the city in weather that was -20 degrees Celsius to hand deliver these goodies. We took such pride in selecting the homes and sneaking up to someone’s mailbox so quietly that we wouldn’t be noticed. Miraculously no one noticed us. Just for fun, we even delivered a book to a church. Everyone needs to read right?

This whole expedition took about five to six hours and was a lot of fun. It was great to do something unexpected. We gave without any expectations of anything in return. It was such a lovely idea for the Christmas season or really anytime. 

I think, though, that I still want a book vending machine just because it would be neat.

~Jennifer Ward

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