The Breakup

The break-up with The Following was a premeditated affair.  We had discussed the fact that the relationship was souring and both parties expressed intentions for the future.  The Following intended to be good, it swore, watchable and tense.  I intended to be more patient as it developed its narrative.  But the coming episodes tore us apart.  It insisted on being rotely provocative, relying on surprises and false twists that were predictable in their usage of planted followers to wriggle out of tight spots.  I insisted on derisively naming each one I saw coming which cheapened them more than was necessary.  It layered on the cliche and simultaneously poured on more blood even as it began to titillate through violent sexual imagery.  I declined to be titillated, instead bemoaning the obvious and dully offensive plot progression.  I decided that I really did prefer Poe to The FollowingThe Following insisted it was Poe but I knew it was not, could never be.  I made my choice.  This is the end and we won’t remain friends.  I am going back to Game of Thrones and The Following, well, may it find it’s final rest at the end of a studio axe.