My other writing gig (aside from all the personal projects under my VampireNomad name) is for the St. Albert Heavenly Rollers.  I used to be a derby girl with them: my derby name is Lilly Killin, an homage to one of my favorite books and Anjelica Huston movie characters, Lilly Dillon from The Grifters.  You can take the girl out of derby but you really can't take derby out of the girl.  I love the girls and guys of the Heavenly Rollers (STAHR) and the game itself so now I spend time being their 'Mistress of Media' as I live-tweet their home and away games.

Tonight is their season opener at their home arena of Servus Place in St. Albert.  For anyone who can't make it to central Alberta on a whim, I'll be updating live from or from

Follow the team at both those places and you'll be able to follow some of my live-updating exploits. 

Follow me at to follow my other live-tweeting exploits: my Star Trek: the Next Generation live tweets.

~ Corinne Simpson