The Right Stuff

My best friend from my childhood just texted me video of the New Kids on the Block performing 'The Right Stuff' live. 

Back in the day we used to hang out in her room listening to the top twenty countdown on the radio and I remember the top three songs for a certain space in time were 'Batdance' by Prince, 'Toy Soldiers' by Martika, and 'Hangin Tough' by New Kids.  Sometimes at sleepovers we'd make our own New Kids videos.  We wore a hole in the VHS cassette of 'The Right Stuff' video.  We knew all the dance moves by heart.  We'd lounge in her room where every wall and most of the ceiling was papered with Teen Beat New Kids on the Block photos.  And because my parents frowned on papering my walls with glossy photos of pop sensations and because she was, after all, the BEST friend, she gave me one entire wall of her room to cover with my chosen selection of Joey MacIntyre pictures.  Because he was my favorite and I couldn't do it in my own room.

She has kids of her own now and we live in different cities and somehow we aged without seeing it happen but just now, tonight, she sent me 'The Right Stuff' and time rewound back to Ye Olde Teen Beat Days.  The best friends are the ones you never really have to catch up with.  They're the ones who just know. 

I really can't wait to see her at Christmas.  And honestly if the New Kids are wondering what to get us this year, how about a private concert?  You know, just for her and I?  Donnie doesn't even have to wear a shirt if he doesn't want to.  Because we're generous like that. 


- Corinne Simpson