Royal Baby Watch or Mayhem?

When Kate and William were married a lot of the free world watched and it was sheer mayhem. When Kate and William came to Alberta, it was chaos. Now, the royal baby is also causing quite the stir with its impending arrival and the media has been camped out for almost two weeks outside both hospitals that Kate could give birth in. So what is it about the Windsor royals and the royal baby that is captivating? Well, VampireNomad and RantingnRaven are getting to the bottom of this.

VampireNomad:  ‪As a non-baby type person (meaning I'm not a baby nor do I want babies) I don't understand the fuss generally about any baby.

RantingnRaven:  ‪Well. I understand that viewpoint completely. But as a parent, I still don't get it. When William and Kate were first married it was mayhem. People were captivated with them. It seems to be the same with the impending birth of the royal baby.

VampireNomad:  ‪Like from a procreation and those-who-want-babies-have-them perspective I understand cerebrally the fuss over babies.  And if you want babies and are excited, awesome.  I'm happy for you.  But all in all it's just a baby.  The Royal Wedding - MAYHEM.  Which I suppose I understand to an extent.  People haven't been that excited since Diana and Charles and William IS Diana's son so...

RantingnRaven: ‪ I know the media seems to be lacking other newsworthy items and the baby adds some excitement about fresh beginnings. Did you know that Lady Diana decided to get induced early with William because of the media frenzy?

VampireNomad:  ‪I did not know that but now that I do am not surprised by the information. I feel like all this chaos over the royal baby is misplaced by centuries.  In the days when royalty had actual power and ruled the land, the baby (well, the son) was the security of the throne.  

All-important succession made the birth of royal children a major event and important to everyone in the land due to issues of war, etc.  But now, with the royal family just a figurehead, the baby inherits a throne that is largely decorative.  So the fuss is just that - fuss.  It means nothing in practical terms.  To quote Shakespeare, it is "full of sound and fury signifying nothing".

RantingnRaven:  ‪Love the link to Shakespeare. Yes I agree with that.  It is a fuss and there is really no practical need for such a fuss. It is not as though this queen or king to be will lead England out of turmoil.

VampireNomad:  ‪It may well be the opposite, actually.  They may lead England INTO turmoil. Of a social media type.

RantingnRaven: ‪I never thought of that aspect. I guess this why it was ok for Queen Elizabeth II to abolish the male heir to the throne rule? The Queen can appear to be modern.

VampireNomad:  ‪But even there it shows the lack of actual royal power because in order to accomplish that change she needed it to be a law passed by the government.  She could conceive of the idea but is powerless to make it so.  (Little Trek reference for you there: "make it so".)

RantingnRaven:  ‪Do you think she said that, "make it so”?

VampireNomad:  ‪Omigod, I hope so.  I would if I were Queen! "Make it so!"  "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot."  Picard was just King of the Enterprise, really.

RantingnRaven: ‪Yes and he was so fab at it!

VampireNomad:  ‪He was better than anyone at it. (Sorry Shatner.)

RantingnRaven: ‪I agree. Shatner has no place in my heart.

VampireNomad:  ‪Essentially the royal family is just a different sort of celebrity.  With no real state power to wield, they are simply famous people.  Instead of being famous for acting or famous for singing, they are famous for being blue bloods and doing charity work.  Thus this baby frenzy is indicative of the larger celebrity baby frenzy, which takes us into the real issue which is that of privacy.  In my mind.

RantingnRaven: ‪Great points. They do offer nothing more to us than for us being able to be voyeurs and see how royalty live and exist in our modern society. I would hate to not have my privacy. That would drive me crazy. ‪It's like society has unrealistic expectations for this baby, which in turn is fuelled by the media.

VampireNomad:  ‪Exactly.  And it's a problem that isn't easily solved but that is in part fueled by their lack of true ownership of their new roles.  With actors, for instance, it can be said that they only owe us their performance or work.  Their art is all that is technically ours to consume publicly.  So it can also be said that their private lives SHOULD be private still.  And their children off-limits for public consumption.  

But the royal family has no such boundary because with their power gone they are simply famous for being.  Not for ruling but for living.  They have yet to accept this and delineate where the boundaries of their lives are in terms of public and private.  So the children become public fodder just by being born.

Where is the line between children being and representing the collective future and children being private people in their own right drawn in royal terms?

RantingnRaven: Great analysis and juxtaposition between actors and their fame and that of the Royal family. It appears that actors have an easier time keeping their lives private and that the public accept their decision to keep it private. But with the Royal family their lifestyle and jobs were to be public figures and serve the people. Yes I would agree that the children become public fodder.

‪I'm not sure where the line is, but I think that William and Kate are trying to navigate that now. Easier said than done, but not talking about it (them) and not giving too much information has served them well in the past.

VampireNomad:  ‪It won't stop the fuss over this baby. And it won't stop me from rolling my eyes when BabyWatch is a thing.

RantingnRaven: ‪BabyWatch is definitely a thing! I think they have a role in teaching society and media what is acceptable and what isn't in terms of privacy

VampireNomad:  ‪Agreed! ‪I think their role should morph into more instructional than simply charitable or supportive.  Diana's death really should have spearheaded that change.

RantingnRaven: ‪I agree. Being charitable is important, but so is being effective and being change agents.

VampireNomad:  ‪Absolutely.  What is that Spiderman quote?  "With great power comes great responsibility." ‪Can I just say that quote was in Teen Wolf first.  Michael J. Fox's wolf dad said that to him. #nerdfact

RantingnRaven: ‪Ha! Reusing of great quotes in movies. Did someone else famous say it first?

VampireNomad:  ‪Maybe.  My encyclopedic knowledge of things begins and ends with pop culture so if it isn't filmed or fictional, I probably can't confirm it.  lol.

RantingnRaven: ‪Pop culture is so important and does teach many things. It was Voltaire, though, that said it first.

VampireNomad:  ‪See?  Real history.  That's why I don't know it. (jokes)

RantingnRaven: Lol! You are wise at many things and have much intelligence; even in history.

VampireNomad:  ‪CSI history.  I wonder how I can relate the royal baby mayhem back to CSI?  Since everything I need to know I learned from them...

RantingnRaven: Ha! I was wondering when CSI was going to enter this conversation. Any episodes about the reality of fame?

VampireNomad:  ‪OH!  Booya.  So there was this episode where a famous starlet was killed in a dramatic car crash... and the CSIs were investigating, obviously, in the midst of a media frenzy...and it turns out (SPOILERS) that the starlet's boyfriend's father had hired a hitman to off her because she was pregnant with the boyfriend's baby and the father didn't approve because she wasn't "right for him" and because of her family background and also fame.

So.There it is.

RantingnRaven: See I knew it!

VampireNomad:  ‪Honestly. There isn't anything you need to know or are struggling with or have questions about that CSI can't help you with.

RantingnRaven: Whoa! Totally works in this scenario. Kate was considered to not be good enough for William and had to take lessons on how to be more royal.

VampireNomad:  ‪See? Right? ‪Ok, seriously.  (Though I always am about CSI.)  Seriously, this royal baby fuss falls under the heading, to me, of Things We All Need To Agree Not To Discuss.  Also under this heading we find Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan.  Because the only way the Kardashians are going to stop having fame is if we stop giving it to them and the only way LiLo is going to stop being enabled by fame-leeches is if we stop making her famous enough to leech off of.  And the only way this baby is going to have any privacy at all in life is if we agree to stop hounding it right from day one.

RantingnRaven: ‪I am in agreement. I do hope that people snap out of it and give this baby some peace in his / her life.‪ I actually think that William and Kate have some substance and I would gather that the Kardashians and LiLo do not. Yes we are totally responsible for enabling their egos to grow along with their wallets. I have little to no disdain for the royal family or the baby.

VampireNomad:  ‪I have no disdain for the baby and total disdain for Kardashians and LiLo but the fact remains that we are largely collectively responsible for all of them regardless of quality.

RantingnRaven: ‪So, enough baby talk?

VampireNomad:  ‪We shall pledge never to speak/blog of this baby again until such time as it does something voluntarily public.

 ~Jennifer Ward 

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