... because of reasons (and science)

Since I began blogging in 2004 there have only been two years I’ve posted anything on July 24.  That’s staggering.  I mean I believe this qualifies as evidence (or, fine, 'evidence') that July 24 is a noted dry day for me.  A day in which the planets align to rob me of inspiration instead of bestowing meaningful insights on me.  In my horoscope it would probably read “Scorpio, July 24: Don’t even bother.”

That’s all you need for scientific proof, by the way.  Correlation.  “The mutual relation of two or more things or parts.”  I have only blogged on July 24 twice between the years of 2004 and 2012.  Inspiration must be related to date.  July 24 is not inspirational therefore I can not blog on that date.  And voila – I am a scientist.  I have proven a direct link between dates and productivity.  Nobel Prize, here I come!

If you’re at all curious as to what I blogged about on those two occasions, I shan’t keep you in suspense any longer.  The first time was about my only day off in seventeen straight days of working a film festival and how much coffee I’d consumed.  The second time was about how in spite of a sickness that had imprisoned me on the couch I had to inform everyone that William Peterson was leaving CSI.  Coffee and CSI.  So we can now also safely assume that not much in my world has changed since then.  

Aside: how does one get the job of either a) naming fonts, or b) naming paint colors?  Because I think I’d be very skilled at both.

Not to worry, tomorrow Jennifer will take us safely back into the realm of intelligent, thoughtful, well-written posts that are both edifying and entertaining.  Though, to quote Gladiator, “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?”

Every day can’t be a Booker Prize entry, you know.


- Corinne Simpson