Insanity on the First Second of August

What historical grudge do I have against the second of August?  Since the inception of this blog I have never posted anything on the second of August.  I’ve posted on the first and on the third but... I wonder, I wonder what the deal is with this date.  I have a few (totally rational) possible explanations.

1.  The second of August doesn’t exist.  Like the spoon, there is no second of August.
2.  I get stuck in a Tyken’s Rift on the first, doomed to insanity through insomnia unless I can create an explosion with enough magnitude to catapult me out of the rift into the third of August.
3.  All work and no play make VampireNomad a dull girl.
4.  I am Zuul.  I cannot achieve the second of August until I find the Keymaster.  
5.  Rodents of the Second of August?  I don’t think they exist.
6.  On the second of August a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit.

Those are just a few ideas I’m working through to explain things, you understand.  Gil Grissom teaches us that the evidence doesn’t lie and the evidence against the second of August is stacking up.  Those are just five working theories at present but in time, with luminol, and DNA results, I will have the evidence I need.  Science is exciting, kids.

You know what else is exciting?  INCEPTION!  Besides that.  COOKIES.  So if you can correctly name all six pop culture references I use to explain the second of August deficit, I will buy you a cookie.  (But not a real cookie, that’s cruel.)

Seven references now.  The last one is a (poorly) hidden one.  You’re welcome.


- Corinne Simpson