Mi Nemesis Es Su Nemesis

Do you have a nemesis? You must.  I think everyone does. You can’t possibly like everyone and be liked by everyone.  Even Maggie from the Simpsons has that uni-browed baby that is her nemesis.

I bet you know where this is going…

Yes, I have a nemesis. She was actually a friend of mine at one time. I know too much about her and she about me. So why the dislike? Well it’s a long and sordid tail of money borrowed and never re-paid, stolen books, and bullying. Is that a gasp I hear?...don’t get side tracked by the stolen books all you literary types. Bullying is the most heinous of all the offences committed. In case you are wondering, bullying exists in the adult world and it isn’t confined to childhood and young adulthood.  I believe that adult bullies were childhood and young adulthood bullies that were never held accountable for their behavior.

FYI: I’m a bit a pushover; not crazy or anything, but I let my friends get away with more than the non-friend. I take into account that friendships are about give and take and that my friends have bad moments and flaws as I do. However, I draw the line at bullying.

Anyway, said nemesis (over a five year period) borrowed money and never paid it back. This was a good lesson for me because I learned that my friendship meant less than $50 to her. Really I don’t care about the money, but when I asked for it back she told me it was in the mail :-| Throughout the five years, I felt used and abused. Whatever she could suck from me, she would—I became her taxi driver, problem solver, and bank.  Sometimes I’m too nice and too giving, but watch out because when I stop being this way, it’s a problem. This is my flaw.

I started distancing myself from her and wouldn’t return her calls or texts. I even told her that I didn’t care to be her friend for all those reasons I stated.  So she started bullying me. She told me that I had to be her friend. Yep that’s right, I HAD to be her friend. There is a serious character flaw when you are insisting that someone be your friend.

After about two days of her text bullying, I had had enough. I called the police and reported her behaviour. Drastic measures? Probably. But I felt like she needed a wake-up. The police officer was so great and had a sexy British accent…he called her and told her to stop harassing me and that they could prosecute her. The officer told me it was highly unlikely that they’d press charges against her, but maybe this would scare her. It did and she’s never contacted me again.

So after two years of being free from her, now I am seeing her everywhere. I turn a corner and she is there…boo! I’m at the dance studio my daughter attends and she is there. I take my daughter to a park, across town…there she is with her family and friends, eating McDonald’s. We go to the summer festival and she and her husband and daughter are walking by us. I choose to not make eye contact for fear that she migh put a curse on me. It could happen. It is possible. Out of all the days of the ten-day festival, we go on the same day as she. I knew better than to go the day after payday. On this particular day, I walked by her about four or five times in as many hours.

I feel like the universe is trying to push us together for some reason. Maybe the universe is testing my patience or teaching me that violence doesn’t solve issues. Whatever it is, it’s getting on my nerves. When I see her, I wish I had super powers like invisibility so I could disappear in a flash. Or maybe the ability to fly away at the speed of light might be good. Even if I could freeze her in time, so I could flee, I’d be happy with that. But I’d want a cool super hero outfit. You just can’t be a super hero without one. I know what I need…mind control…nope probably not a good idea for me to have that power.

At any rate, I have no time for bullies (young or old). It’s bad behaviour and when you know better you do better (Oprahism). As a parent, I would feel like I failed if my child grew up and was a bully.

But, really this is a societal problem because bullying exists at all levels in the corporate sphere. Employees bully other employees and managers / supervisors bully their employees. We see it on reality TV programs—don’t even get me started here because this is a whole other topic.

So every time, I see my nemesis, I’m Maggie Simpson giving that unibrow baby the stink eye and all I hear is:

"everybody was king-fu fighting..."

~Jennifer Ward

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