Friday Fun

A lot of random things happen throughout the week and once in awhile it behooves us to stop and examine some of them. 

Sometimes Jennifer and I have Twitter exchanges that end in unexpected places.  Like me being Queen!

I wonder now how posting that will affect our search stats.  There have been some wildly interesting searches that have led people here recently.  

Well.  I don’t know what to say.  Luckily my friend Justin knew what to say on Twitter the day this happened.

“how to neutralize a tornado”
I can’t take full credit for this since Sharknado is responsible for teaching all of us that tornados can be neutralized at all.  There’s “science” to explain it.  I just preach the scientific gospel of tornado neutralization to whomever will hear it.

“my husband my baby vampire”
I'm assuming they were searching for a Twilight-themed website.  This isn't that. 

“royal baby a vampire”
I doubt he is.  Although that would put a damper on any future succession plans if it turns out to be true, immortality being forever and all.

“capital g in sharknado”
They’re behind it all.  Conspiracy theorists, come to me!

“vamp vommen porno star”
'Vommen', I’ve learned, is Danish for ‘belly’ or ‘paunch’.  So... no, that doesn’t clear anything up.  Danish reader, were you glad your search led you here?  WERE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?


- Corinne Simpson