An Excerpt from my Havana Journal - Part Three

“We are foiled in our attempt to follow Lonely Planet map directions to a paladar in Miramar and, alternatively, to the salsa club Ginger so wants to visit.  The Lonely Planet map is largely a fail.  We trudge for blocks in sweltering heat over uneven sidewalks as the light fades.  With the dying of the sun we can’t find our way, can’t find a taxi, but the heat is undaunted and shimmers around us like a living predator.”

The terrace of our hotel, Hotel Quinta Abenida in Miramar, Cuba.  This was our view every morning at breakfast.

“The heat is like the palm of the sun pressing me down into the earth.  I feel I will dissolve into ash or melt into nothing.  I am hot, I am a river of sweat always.  I lay by the pool and know what an egg feels in a frying pan.  And yet I can’t move.  It is both too hot and too beautiful.  The palms sway in an un-felt tiny breeze.  The pool water is teal in color and glassy smooth.  The shadows are crisp and long.  The sky is an endless drowning expanse of blue.”

- Corinne Simpson