Friday Fun: I interview my roommate about Fall TV

In which I interview my roommate, Ginger, about upcoming fall television while she is making dinner.

me:  What show are you most excited to see?

Ginger:  ‘American Horror Story: Coven’.

me:  Why?

Ginger:  Because witches are awesome and Jessica Lange is awesome and Kathy Bates is awesome.

me:  So basically a lot of awesome.

Ginger:  A lot of awesome and ‘Asylum’ was kind of a mess so I’m really hoping he gets back to the horror house idea.

me:  This is challenging my abilities as a dicto-person.  Transcriber?  Moving on.  Let’s talk about other series we want to watch.  Name them.

Ginger:  ‘Penny Dreadful’.  ‘Agents of Shield’.  ‘Once Upon A Time’.  ‘Once Upon A Time: Wonderland’.  ‘Walking Dead’... for me.  ‘Elementary’.

me:  What about ‘Sleepy Hollow’?

Ginger:  We can save that one for summer time.  We’re both busy and we don’t have twelve hours a week to watch new TV.

me:  If we didn’t have jobs...

Ginger:  If we didn’t have jobs we could watch TV all the time.  Maybe we should quit our jobs and you could be a TV blogger and I could... cook you lunch.  Are there benefits?

me:  There’s the benefit of it being awesome.  

Ginger:  The benefit of wearing pajamas all day.

me:  Also an awesome benefit.  What about ‘The Strain’?

Ginger:  I don’t know very much about it except that it’s Guillermo del Toro and it’s about vampires and infectious disease.  I don’t like movies or shows about infectious disease unless there’s an element of fantasy about them or I lose sleep at night.

me:  Like the infamous bat-pig movie.  [Ed Note: The ‘infamous bat-pig movie’ is Contagion.]

Ginger:  I hate the bat-pig movie.  Except Matt Damon.  And Kate Winslet.  Then she died.  ...spoiler.

me:  If you could write a TV show, what would it be?  Or if you could dictate a TV show to me to write, you know...?

Ginger:  There would be car chases and monsters.  Detectives.  It’d be ‘Once Upon A Time’.

me:  But with more detectives?

Ginger:  Yeah.

me:  And with Jack the Ripper?  

Ginger:  Yes, I love Jack the Ripper.  Wait, I don’t LOVE Jack the Ripper.  I love the era of Jack the Ripper and the mystery.

me:  So we’re also looking forward to ‘Ripper Street’.

Ginger:  Yes.

me:  Back to ‘Penny Dreadful’.  Do we think Josh Hartnett is a liability?

Ginger:  I’m just trying to remember who Josh Hartnett is... he was an ‘it’ guy, right?

me:  I’m writing this down.

Ginger:  Back in the early 2000s?  He was the guy?  Right?  In that movie with Harrison Ford?

me:  Yes.  Hollywood Homicide?

Ginger:  Yeah.  I think he’ll be alright.

me:  Seriously?  Like because there’s enough other awesome to balance it?

Ginger:   Yeah, if he’s like a character actor and doesn’t act like a big star then it should be ok.  As long as he doesn’t come in like Laurence Fishburne.

me:  “USE THE LADIES!”  That’s my favorite Fishburne moment of late.  I’m making you watch ‘Hannibal’ just so I can perversely enjoy watching Hannibal feed Fishburne people.

Ginger:  Maybe now that we don’t have to suspend our disbelief that Will Graham would have NO IDEA Hannibal was a serial killer, it will be watchable again.

me:  I think there will be a dance number.

Ginger:  Because Will Graham is crazy and it will be kind of a fever dream?  You didn’t see that episode of ‘Asylum’ where there was a dance number because Lana was having a fever dream.  It was the name game song.  

me:  I did not see that.  Was it good?

Ginger:  It was hilarious.

me:  Who are you anticipating your favorite character in ‘Wonderland’ to be?

Ginger:  Who’s Peewee Herman playing?

me:  Paul Reubens is the White Rabbit.

Ginger:  I thought that was John Cleese.  

me:  ....

Ginger:  Anyway, most likely not Alice.  I tend to like supporting characters.  Like Jim [Brass, on ‘CSI’].

me:  We love Jim.

Ginger:  Jim deserves better.  Go with Nick!

me:  In my mind ‘Intelligence’ is going to be all about Jim and Nick on the run from CSI.

Ginger:  Awesome.  Jim and Nick should be on the run from ‘CSI’.  And if they’re on a new show Warrick can be on it too and that bromance can be rekindled!

me:  I think we should be TV producers.

Ginger:  If you could hire or fire anybody in Hollywood who would you fire first?

me:  Oh dear.  You’re trying to make me say it.  You’re trying to make me name the name.

Ginger:  No, you can save that for another blog.  

me:  We will call her She Who Shall Not Be Named.  But obviously I would hire George Eads for ‘AHS: Coven’.  Duh.

Ginger:  Of course.  And dinner’s ready.  [Ed Note:  Dinner was baked gnocchi with spinach, peas, and tomato sauce.  It was, as always, delicious.]


All the necessary details for your future viewing pleasure...

 American Horror Story: Coven

Creator Ryan Murphy is clearly well-versed with and fascinated by the narrative of horror and ghost stories.  The initial series, the subtitle-less ‘American Horror Story’, was set in a mythical haunted house and included haunts, death, and creepiness from all eras including references (either oblique or overt) to the Richard Speck murders and the Black Dahlia case.  There is an atmosphere of suspense, horrifying imagery, and an envelope-pushing tone in ‘American Horror Story’ and it is always more likely to shock than disappoint.  The second season was subtitled ‘ Asylum’ and this, the third, will be ‘Coven’.  Set in Louisiana it focuses on witches.  From the Salem witch trials to New Orleans voodoo, ‘Coven’ will doubtless deliver on every creepy, deliciously provocative front thus far established by the series.  It stars Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Taissa Farmiga, Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Danny Huston, and Gabourey Sidibe, among others.  ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ will premiere on Wednesday, October 9th on FX.

Penny Dreadful

Touted as a “psychosexual horror” set in Victorian London, ‘Penny Dreadful’ will showcase real people alongside famous literary creatures and monsters such as Frankenstein’s Monster, Dorian Grey, and Dracula.  It is created by John Logan and produced by Logan and Sam Mendes for Showtime.  It stars Billie Piper, Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, and Timothy Dalton, among others.  No word as yet on its premiere date but suffice it to say, given the content and talent involved, this is one of the more anticipated projects on the horizon.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

A spin-off of the popular ‘Once Upon a Time’, ‘Wonderland’ will be ABC’s twist on Lewis Carroll’s classic tale about Alice.  If you like the dramatic soapy intrigue of OUAT, you will probably love ‘Wonderland’.  Make no mistake, this isn’t a serious twisted angsty ‘Breaking Bad in Wonderland’ type of show but if OUAT is anything to go by it will be raucous fun.  Paul Reubens, initially tapped to play the White Rabbit, has been replaced by John Lithgow and the series also stars Naveen Andrews, Emma Rigby, and Iggy Pop.

It premieres Thursday, October 10th on ABC.

The Strain

A “vampire horror” by Guillermo del Toro based on his and Chuck Hogan’s novel trilogy of the same name, ‘The Strain’ will feature Carlton Cuse as showrunner and will premiere in November.  It will air on FX and del Toro and Hogan’s take on vampires is that they are more of a parasitic creature spreading infection than a mythological monster.  It stars Kevin Durand, John Hurt, Sean Astin, and Mia Maestro, among others.  Honestly, they had me at “Guillermo del Toro and vampires”.


Starring Lucy Liu as Watson and Jonny Lee Miller as the famous Sherlock Holmes, ‘Elementary’ is frequently unfairly compared to the BBC’s brilliant ‘Sherlock’ starring everybody’s alien dream date Benedict Cumberbatch.  The two shows couldn’t be more different, plying their disparate takes on the same legend to individual success.  ‘Elementary’ is a very pleasing series.  Its second season started yesterday, Thursday September 26th on CBS.  If you haven’t tried it yet, jump in.  You can watch both it and ‘Sherlock’ to no ill effect, I promise.

Ripper Street

‘Ripper Street’, set in and just after the time of the Jack the Ripper killings and starring Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn, and Adam Rothenberg, is set to return for a second season later in 2013 on BBC America.

 - Corinne Simpson