New Year, New Goals

Every year I like to set new goals for myself. I try not to set New Year’s resolutions because I find that I fail at keeping those resolutions. Maybe it’s the wording or the negative psychological impact the word resolutions has on me, but whatever the reason I choose to set goals. 

Five years ago, I set a goal to finish my already started put-on-hold master’s degree. So, I did. It took me two years, but I did. It was grueling and at times I felt like I was going insane, but in 2010, I graduated from university with a graduate degree. By far, I feel like it is one the best decisions I ever made.

Four years ago, I decided to focus on my relationships with my female friends. I felt like I spent the better part of my life focusing on the men in my life and that if I put my energy into creating long lasting friendships that this would be of great benefit to me. I had so many awesome times this year and it was truly such a fun year. My girlfriends and I also started to take trips together, some local, some not, but we always have fun. We also create our own fun and being together is the most important part as we are nurturing our relationships.

Three years ago, I wanted to push myself to the maximum in terms of exercise. I hired a personal trainer that helped me to work my body in ways that I couldn’t without professional guidance. I worked with the trainer three times a week as well as doing a bootcamp twice a week. Physically I was fit and mentally I felt amazing that I could push myself to work so hard. I never lost a pound for those six months, but that really wasn’t my goal. My goal was to weight train and build muscle mass. In the spirit of transparency, I will admit that I hate dieting and I hate cardio training.

Two and a half years ago, I decided to put a long-term goal, dare I say dream, into motion. Up to this point, I had wanted to do roller derby for about three years. I even put an image of a derby girl in all her gear on a vision board. Every morning, I awoke to that dream that was constantly in my focus. In 2011, my girlfriend invited to watch a new roller derby league play. I was instantly enamoured. I had to play. So I joined the league and trained my butt off to become a derby girl. Just like the working with the trainer, I had to push myself mentally and physically to get the maximum out of my body. When I was on the track during a game, I lived in my head. It was all me and I had to keep telling myself to push harder, go faster, and think smarter. 2013 was my last season as a derby girl. Although, I do love derby and my derby family, I wanted to free up some of my time to do other things.

Herein lies the big question—what will I do now? What are my goals for 2014 and beyond? I have several goals that I am committing to this year:

  • Write my novel (no really I am going to do this)
  • Exercise more (no more derby means I have to motivate myself)
  • Renovate my home (so many ideas = lots of money)
  • Travel, travel, travel

Have you set any goals for 2014? If so, please share them with me.

All the best for the New Year!


 ~Jennifer Ward

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