Nathan's Laserium: Cadaverous Cattle

Cadaverous Cattle

I got another
rejection slip
in the mail today
no one wants to publish my article
about the strange place
only I know about
and even then
I’m not entirely sure where it is
I found it by accident
it’s a place where
brains grow out of the ground like
and herds of zombie bovines graze on them
unholy cows
shuffling and ambling
chewing their grey matter cuds
heedless of the giant blue
that tear off strips of undead flesh
robot herdsmen watch over their deadstock
keeping the scavengers away
by throwing
robot rocks
at them
one of them saw me
and hefted a glowing electronic
I thought he was waving
so I waved back
and was knocked
when the little missile
hit me
I woke up back at home
with no idea how I’d gotten there
and worse
no idea how to get back
and now no one wants to publish my article
until I get photos
and an exact location
after some careful research
I think I might be able to find it
so I’m going back
with my camera
a compass
and a catcher’s glove

The idea for this came last week on nightshift, when I had an image of a field of brain plants come into my brain. Almost as if planted. So I thought about it some more and came up with a whole ecosystem.

(originally posted on Pooing in the Woods)


- Nathan Waddell