"Strange things are afoot at the Circle K"... and VampireNomad

It’s a new year here at VampireNomad.  Well, okay, yes, it’s a new year everywhere actually.  2014!  The whole world has turned over to a new year and since we are part of the world so have we.

We have a few things to tell you about the site.  There’s not a lot of need to change perfection, of course.  And we, like Mary Poppins, are practically perfect in every way.  Okay we’re not.  But we strive to be.  We want this site to be a haven for the written word.  Where opinion, flights of fancy, critical thought, literary exploration, poetry, wit, observation, and especially merry wanderings through pop culture landscapes are encouraged and enjoyed.  We want you to romp through the word fields with glee.  But we also want to always be growing and challenging ourselves to achieve our best, no matter the genre or style.  We want to explore new written frontiers, you know?  To that end we’ve made a few little adjustments.

We will be posting regularly five days a week.  For those of you who revel in schedules, Jennifer will keep Mondays, I will post on Tuesdays and Fridays, and Alan will continue owning Sundays.  “But VampireNomad, that’s only FOUR days and you said you’d be posting FIVE days a week!”  You’re absolutely right, dear readers!  How very mathematical you are.  So unlike me.  Anyway... now comes a special announcement to address this very numerical conundrum:

We have a delicious new feature this year.  By special arrangement with Nathan Waddell we here at VampireNomad are thrilled to announce that we will curate a touring exhibition of his greatest works.  On loan from his personal collection and archive, Pooing in the Woods, this collection will feature one-of-a-kind works previously only seen by permission of the artist himself.  This is a wondrous opportunity.  Every Thursday a new work will be unveiled for the exclusive enjoyment of VampireNomad readers.  Nathan’s Museum will open next Thursday.  

I know.  It’s almost better than the Louvre.  ;)

Now Wednesdays and Saturdays will be dark... some of the time.  You see not everyone likes schedules.  So for those of you who enjoy a more random spontaneity, you’ll love knowing that Wednesdays and Saturdays will host surprise posts out of the blue.  Some weeks one of us regular bloggers will get inspired and post something extra.  You might get a Star Trek analysis from Alan or a travel story from Jennifer or a lyric analysis from me.  OR... dun dun dunnnnn... you might find a delicious surprise post from a brand new author waiting for you.  Writers and contributors that you haven’t even met yet whose talent will floor you.  You have no way of knowing!  It’s like the prize in a cereal box: sometimes it’s a superhero, sometimes it’s a joke, and sometimes they forget that box and you get nothing at all!  

Lest you feel forgotten, be assured you aren’t.  We want your voices to be heard.  What did you like best from VampireNomad in 2013?  What posts were your favorite?  What features?  Do you like movie reviews?  Conversations on random topics between Jennifer and I?  Interviews?  Lyric analysis?  Current events discussions?  Short stories?  Talk to us.  Share your likes and dislikes.  Air your thoughts in the comments.  

More than anything else, however, we want to thank you for joining us on this journey.  We all love writing - it’s in our blood - and to have people to share our words with is amazing.  You give us an extra reason to dive into our creativity and you’re the pulse of this site.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading through 2013.  And thank you in advance for joining us in 2014.  You won’t regret it. 

P.S.  Special bonus virtual hugs to the first person to identify the quote in the title.


- Corinne Simpson