Nathan's Laserium: Again, the Abomination

I found a writing exercise once, in days so of yore that the original link is now long gone, in which you were given ten words and had to spin a story using all ten in there somewhere. The ten words were:

awakens poetic requiem hues exotic sprite nourishment celestial whistles ancient

and the story I wrote was this:

Again, the ancient abomination awakens
Virile vileness, destruction distilled, poetic putrescence
An ode to obscenity, reality’s requiem
Its carapace a spiked and spiny agglomeration of illogical hues
The interstices of a thousand incisors crusted with remnants of exotic nourishment
Neutronium-eyed, its stomach a black hole, a pulsar for a brain
It roars and the soundless vacuum shudders
celestial spheres stop spinning, dismayed
As the unvanquishable avatar of avarice and annihilation
Arises from the ooze, emerging from the dark matter that was its lair
In answer to an inexorable summons from the lesser dimensions
A tiny 
sprite, wingéd and naked, whistles a trill                                                                             And giggles in glee when her puppy comes running

Nathan Waddell 

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