VampireNomad's Pick of the Week: Emily Carroll

Every so often Alan lets me step in on these Monday posts to tell you about something wonderful that I've found.  Something I adore that I really want to share with you all.  This is one of those Mondays.

Today's pick of the week is Emily Carroll.

Yes, a person!  A wonderful talented woman who weaves divinely creepy stories with delicious illustrations which she hosts on her site:

What she creates are sometimes fairy tales, sometimes fables, frequently creepy, often horrifying and all completely unforgettable.  She posts them in the form of interactive comics - you click through each illustration and the story unfolds darkly before you as you dive deeper into the site.  Each tale is brief but haunting and completely original. 

'The 3 Snake Leaves' illustration copyrighted to Emily Carroll - used with permission.

Her works have appeared in anthologies but her first solo collection of short stories, Through The Woods, was published this year and one of the stories within it, Out Of Skin, was just this month selected by Flavorwire as one of their 50 Scariest Short Stories of All Time.

Emily Carroll is brilliant and crafts tales that get inside your mind and claw beautifully and awfully up your spine.  Chilling and gorgeous.  Everything you want on a cool October evening as Halloween approaches.  Check her site out and then search out her book - you won't be disappointed. 


- Corinne Simpson