Tuesday Throwback: Halloween Poetry Edition


Sometime way back when, in the halcyon days of the Woodsy Crypt apartment, Nathan and I did a lot of writing challenges and Freaky Friday-style blog swaps.  NosBEARatu is the result of one of those swaps.  And I'm sharing it because Halloween.  Tis the season.


Close your eyes
darkness presses close as a lover
and the darkness outside is forgotten
You can pretend it isn’t there
it won’t find you
it isn’t hunting you with preternatural precision
through the dark
Your self-imposed sanctuary under the stars
blankets you with anonymity
you are safe here
though your limbs shiver with cold
There won’t be a sound when it arrives
no crunching of crusted snow
no rustling of winter-laden branches
just silence
heavy and deep as the darkness behind your lids
There won’t be anything
except quite suddenly a blow
a locomotive to the side of your head
and wet cushioning where you fall
No snuffling
predatory warning
Just the sinking precision of fangs
into your flesh
into your pulsing panicking vein
There won’t be pain
just a thick rushing as your blood spurts out
into the breathless mouth of that which hunts you now
You know you’ll be drained
white and limp
between the thick limbs that should give warning
must make noise
There will be nothing left in you to throb
with fear
the fangs withdrawn
the blood stilled
And you’ll watch the silent ambling shape
carved of marbled fur
ivory limbs
animated death between sentinel trees
vanish impossibly into nothing
You’ll die
But for now you’re safe
behind your own eyes
and the vampire bear is just a myth



Then sometime in the year before New Zealand a variety of writing contests inspired the following poem. 


pinprick bite just there
on the sole of your foot
you trod in something delicate that bit

take up the embattled velvet
from where your heel crushed
and smooth each milk-white petal

slightly fragrant, heady like musk
dizzying up the senses
brush lips to that flower in palm

swelling soft unnoticed
the bite underfoot is grey
winding ivy veins round about your leg

entranced by the fragile thing
dew it with tears of rapture
keep it safe from ice wind and spite

while snaking tendrils climb
trailing pallor up your chest
your blind eyes betray your very life

pinprick bite just there
you can't believe the venom
coiled in such a pretty little bloom


- Corinne Simpson