Nathan's Laserium: Thanksgiving

Thursdays are the best days because that's when Nathan's Laserium and Serial come out. But this Thursday is American Thanksgiving so all us Canadians have to go to work and not have a new Serial to listen to. At least Nathan won't let you down! Here is some Laserium for you. First some laser sound effects: pew pew pew!


Now some actual content.


Let's do more lasers that was fun. Pew pew pew!


So . . . do you think Adnan did it?

I'm torn. At first I thought there was no way he was guilty. Then the news broke about whatshisname, whose name I still can't bring myself to write. Two whatshisnames now. Got me thinking, just because someone seems like a nice guy doesn't mean he's incapable of terrible things. In fact, probably the only way a monster can get away with these things in the first place is by seeming like a nice guy.

So when Adnan vented his frustration at always being called a nice guy, he won major points with me (since winning points in Nathan's Department of Credibility is all that matters to him, I'm sure). His defence isn't "I'm such a nice guy there's no way I could have done this!" but rather, "Who cares if I'm a nice guy or not, the facts of this case speak for themselves and show me to be not guilty."

Serial is very much a work-in-progress, in that Sarah Koenig is still investigating the story, and each week's episodes are released, if not in real-time, then fairly close to it. So there might not ever be a satisfying conclusion, a cathartic close. It might be the final episode of this season goes something like this: "Well, we still have no idea what's what with this case. Sorry! Tune in next season when we investigate and attempt to answer once and for all whether God exists or not."

Pew pew pew.

So... November is almost over and I wish it would hurry up already. I'm doing that Mov . . . you know what? I can't bring myself to type that either. Dumbest name ever. The thing where all the dudebros grow their moustaches and somehow that will raise money for cancer research. I'm not down with dudebros, or moustaches, but I am most definitely not down with cancer so what the hell, I haven't shaved at all this month. Worked out good since I shaved my whole face and head for Halloween (I dressed up as Drax, wanna see? ). It's itchy and no fun at all. And I still have no idea how it benefits cancer research. I'll be happy to donate when it's all over, just show me where.

Then while I'm at it, I actually should go down and get tested for all the downthere cancers. I was told, when my dad got cancer, that I should get tested when I reached ten years younger than he was when he got it, which still gives me two years leeway I think, but I'm 40 now and that's a nice round number. Not the funnest test ever, but beats dying of cancer. Hey, reader, are you a person? I bet you are. You should think about getting tested too. Breast, prostate, all the ones the doctors tell us to be watchful for. Because fuck cancer.

Pew pew pew.

I really dig the new Taylor Swift album. I bought her last one too, and have to say I like the pop sounds of 1989 better than her country stuff, which I also don't mind, and I usually hate country music. I'm not even going to add a disclaimer like "Yeah I know I'm a grown man but what can I say, she's a guilty pleasure" because I think many of you also like her, and even if you don't, I still do. No qualifications, not a guilty pleasure. Honest fandom. She's a great songwriter and clever too.

There was a story on NPR about how she's this social media guru, a marketing genius, and that's why she's the only artist to sell a million-plus copies of her album this year. The story was called something like "The Secret of Taylor Swift's Success" and I kept waiting for them to mention something which I think is at least a contributor- that people such as myself, who wouldn't seem to fit into her target demographic (ie I'm a 40yo metalhead who mostly listens to Slipknot and such) very happily buy her albums and aren't ashamed to admit it. She's someone who writes her own songs and then sings them, which is highly respected in the metalhead and punk realms.

Pew pew pew.

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans. And for the rest of us, pew pew pew!


- Nathan Waddell