Pick of the Week – December 8-14, 2015

I’ve recommended a few different webcomics since we started the Pick of the Week posts here at Vampirenomad.com, but this week’s pick is a little bit different.  My selection for this week is the story of a role-playing group playing a game set in a science-fiction universe that also includes several fantasy elements.  Warriors battle with laser swords and their magical abilities as a small rebel group struggles against a vast galactic empire.

Anyone getting a Star Wars vibe from that?  That’s completely intentional.  Darths and Droids uses actual screen captures from the Star Wars films, but the dialogue recasts the films as the various gaming sessions played by a small group as they work their way through the campaign.  The first strip starts with the opening crawl of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, and, as of this writing, they were nearing the end of The Empire Strikes Back (Episode V for anyone who doesn’t know their Star Wars.).

The comic is written by a collective calling themselves The Comic Irregulars, which consists of Andrew Coker, Andrew Shellshear, David Karlov, David McLeish, David Morgan-Mar, and Steven Irrgang.  I first discovered the comic because of David Morgan-Mar.  He was the also the creator of the Irregular Webcomic, which uses a mixture of photographs of real people (Usually Morgan-Mar himself) and Lego to tell its stories.   Morgan-Mar also works for CISRA, a group that sponsors one of the puzzle competitions I talked about a couple of weeks ago in THIS POST.

Back to Darths and Droids, while the writers are using pictures from the movies, their characters and storyline are a little bit different.  Also, there’s a bit of a secondary storyline involving the players themselves, whom we never seen but still get to know from their pre and post-game conversations.  While not often laugh out loud funny, Darths and Droids is consistently entertaining, especially if you’ve ever been in a role-playing group, and provides a look at the Star Wars saga from a fun new angle. 

- Alan Decker

@CmdrAJD on Twitter.