A Soggy NYC Christmas

There's a certain magic surrounding the idea of New York City at Christmas.  We've seen it in movies like Elf, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and, of course, Miracle on 34th Street.  Last weekend I ventured up to the Big Apple with my family to soak in a bit of the Christmas atmosphere.  Unfortunately, thanks to an unrelenting rain, that wasn't the only soaking involved.  Still, my holiday spirit was unbowed, and I now bring you a small taste of what midtown Manhattan looks like this Christmas season.

We start in Times Square...

Christmas?  Never heard of it.  There's no Christmas here.

So Times Square isn't exactly Christmas central.  It has its own light show going on at all times anyway, so a little red and green wouldn't even be noticed.  I did, however, learn that they leave the New Year's ball sitting there all year long.  I did not realize that.  It makes sense, though.  Why put the whole thing away if you're just going to do it again next year.

But let's move on to a place with a but more holiday spirit: Rockefeller Center: 

A tall tree dwarfed by a REALLY tall building.

 A shot that shows neither the tree nor the skating rink well.  A photographer I am not.

A shot that shows neither the tree nor the skating rink well.  A photographer I am not.

Many people come to look at the decorations in the store windows.  Saks Fifth Avenue had a line of people waiting to walk along their display, which this year told their version of the story of Snow White:

I missed the part of the original story where the Wicked Queen ate from a food truck.

Moving north along Fifth Avenue, we eventually made our way to FAO Schwarz, where we caught sight of Santa:

Considering the price of Lego, I can't imagine Santa's street value.

The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes is a New York City tradition.  I saw the show a few years ago and enjoyed it, as I recall.  I just can't remember a single thing about the show itself.  So, since I can't say anything descriptive, I'll just post a look at their exterior decorations:

 Not shown: The tree changes colors every few seconds.

Not shown: The tree changes colors every few seconds.

Many buildings have impressive decorations for the season:

While I can't say that I had the magical NYC Christmas of the movies (It never seems to rain when the cameras are rolling), a holiday trip to New York City, even if it's just for a day, is a great experience.  But now I'm going to leave you with one more picture.  This place had nothing to do with Christmas, but the outside was very cool:

Happy Holidays!

- Alan Decker

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