If I May: Promotional Show and Tell

I've spoken before of my fledgling makeup company, VampireNomad Palette.  There's a link to my portfolio on your left.  Yes, just there.  Go on and click, I'll wait. 

This is VampireNomad Palette's first year in business and it's been a busy year between photo shoots, Vancouver Fashion Week, and developing a client base.  I'm beyond grateful to everyone who has helped me get this far by loaning me their face, letting me test latex and adhesives, modeling, photographing, getting excited by my crazy ideas and proposing some crazy ones of their own.  Truly, though, I owe much of my first year success to Nikki at Dark Knits Boutique who has introduced me to wonderful models and photographers, who trusts me with her designs, and with whom I enjoy a marvelously collaborative professional relationship. 

That divine collaboration has resulted in our first magazine cover and two editorial spreads for the inaugural edition of Sinsational Magazine.  Two articles written by me and a host of amazing photos of beautiful models all wearing my makeup.  Staggering!  Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.  And if you would like a copy of your own, digital or paper, visit Sinsational Magazine and show your support by ordering.


- Corinne Simpson