Creeping through The Crypt: RANDOM edition

We take a brief break from the Laserium to traipse randomly through The Crypt for reasons of... um, science?  And, oh, posterity.  FOR REASONS!  If this were roulette we'd spin a wheel and, uh... I actually only understand the particulars of Russian Roulette, not Vegas roulette so maybe that's not the best analogy.  Like if you were to roll dice and randomly get a three, that's this post.  I randomly pointed my finger at a date in The Crypt and am re-posting that blog entry here.  Now.  For reasons.  Because.  So:

On November 12 in 2003, this is what I wrote about...


We were watching YET MORE Star Trek: TNG tonight. Near the end of today's episode, Picard noted that the Romulan Warbird had vanished when time was set back to it's proper sequence. (You sort of had to be there for the whole thing to figure out why time had gone awry in the first place - suffice it to say that time went screwy and much chaos ensued.) Then, not two minutes later, Picard noted in his supplemental log that the Enterprise had finished evacuating the remaining Romulans off the Warbird. You mean off the Warbird that had just vanished?

This prompted a Kronk moment.

"Yeah, it doesn't make sense. By all accounts we shouldn't have made it."

I don't know what it is about Star Trek but it's just so ultimately blog-able. I said to myself today, "Self, we're not going to write about TNG for awhile. Give the readers a break. Talk about something else." But when I sat down at the computer, Trek happened.

That's what Forrest Gump would say about my entries.
"It happens."
"What does? Trek?"

My analogies would be no fun at all without pop culture.


- Corinne Simpson