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I have been writing for for almost seven months now, which means that at the pace the world moves, some items I discussed in previous posts are already behind the times.  In other cases, with more time to consider, my feelings have changed slightly.  Therefore, I wanted to spend this week updating some of the posts I have written during my time here.

A few weeks ago, I reminisced about and lamented the loss of Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas (Original Post HERE).  At the time, I said that the only potential Star Trek themed attraction that I knew of was in development in Jordan.  But just this week, news hit that there will be a Star Trek attraction at a Paramount Theme Park in Spain, which is scheduled to open in 2015.  The article, including concept art, can be found HERE.  Not surprisingly, the concept art shows that the attraction will be based on the more recent Star Trek films rather than any of the previous television series.  Like Star Trek: The Experience, there will be a simulator ride, but unlike The Experience, this park will include a Trek-themed roller coaster.

I’ve never been to Spain.  I may have to change that in a couple of years.

And while I’m in Europe on this imaginary trip, I’ll have to swing up to Portsmouth, UK to visit the theme park dedicated to Sherlock Holmes that is in the planning stages (See the article HERE.).  I have to believe that it will be based more on the original stories rather than the BBC’s current series, Sherlock, but as a long-time fan of Sherlock Holmes, this park will quickly join The Doctor Who Experience, Portmeirion Village (shooting location for The Prisoner television series in the 1960s), and the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London (home of the Harry Potter sets) on my list of must-visits if I ever make it back to the UK.


Last August, shortly after I joined the site, I took on a fan poll that ranked Star Trek Into Darkness dead last on a list of all-time best Trek films (The original two-part post is HERE and HERE).  By the time I posted part two, another group of fans had reranked the films, putting Into Darkness in a more reasonable position, so I don’t need to update that.  Recently, though, I rewatched the film for the first time since it was in theaters.  I still think it’s an enjoyable movie with lots of great character moments.  But I have to admit that film’s complete lack of caring about what I would call Trek Science (See my #1 issue with the film in the first part of my post about it) bothered me even more this time around.  I know JJ Abrams and the writers are trying to keep the pace up and add tension, but warping from the edge of Klingon space to Earth should take a wee bit longer than 20 seconds.  And what are you going to do for a sequel now that people can beam from planet to planet and you’ve cured death?  As I said back in August, I’m grateful to Abrams and company for brining Star Trek back and making it successful again, but for the next movie could we please put a little science back into our science fiction?


In a post from last November titled “Think Happy Thoughts,” I ran down a list of people and events in entertainment that make me happy.  Alyson Hannigan was (and still is) on that list, and at the time I said that I would make sure to watch whatever project she went to after How I Met Your Mother completes its run.  Now I know what that’s going to be.  Hannigan has been cast in a pilot for a new series called More Time With Family from producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon (you may have heard of them).  The show stars and is based on the stand-up comedy of Tom Papa, who I am not familiar with.  Still Hannigan’s presence will be enough to get me to check it out.  Entertainment Weekly’s story on the casting is HERE.  And speaking of How I Met Your Mother, Cristin Milioti has been a fantastic addition to the cast as the as-yet-named Mother.  I’ve loved the flash-forward scenes with her and Ted (Or is that really a flash-middle, since they are after the time being described in the show but before older Ted is telling the story to his kids?).  This season has been uneven, but the last several aired episodes have all been quite strong.

Later in that same post, I mentioned my excitement about the upcoming third season of Sherlock.  The three episodes of the third season aired in the United States on Sundays started on January 19, 2014, and they were wonderful.  While the character portrayals and interactions have always been a high point of the show, this season seemed to delve into them more than the previous two, so much so that the plots of the individual episodes were almost secondary.  As much as I love watching Benedict Cumberbatch rattle off deductions, he was equally fantastic trying to get through making the Best Man speech at John Watson’s wedding reception (while also trying to solve a mystery).  I know Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are in high demand.  I know Steven Moffat is busy with the new season of Doctor Who (which I clamored for in another POST), but can we please get Season Four less than two years from now?  


Finally, a couple of weeks ago our beloved site-mistress and I had a conversation concerning creators going back and changing their works (HERE).  Most of our discussion focused on George Lucas, but the topic shifted to Harry Potter author JK Rowling.  We had this talk after news stories appeared indicating that in an upcoming interview she would question her own reasoning for putting Ron and Hermione in a relationship together, but before the actual release of the interview.  At the time, I said, “But when the author tells you that she feels she made a mistake with major character relationships, how does that not impact the way you see the stories from now on?”  In doing so, I made a mistake of my own that I work hard to avoid, jumping to conclusions without all of the facts.  In the full interview (Relevant sections can be found HERE), Rowling’s comments are far less harsh.  Yes, she admits that the relationship wasn’t perfect, but she also suggests that they could be fine with counseling.  In the end, it has no effect on the finished work.  That’s the difference between her and Lucas for me.  I enjoy hearing creators talking about their process and things that originally were planned differently or possible other ideas.  That’s different than going back and actually changing the work, which, as Lucas’ repeated tinkering with the original Star Wars trilogy more than shows, rarely goes well.

- Alan Decker

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