Nathan's Laserium: POEm

Back in 2004 Nathan and I (the VampireNomad) were roommates and we lived in a place we affectionately named The Woodsy Crypt.  Woodsy because Nathan's alter-ego is Homie Bear and his site is Pooing in the Woods and Crypt because, obviously, I'm a vampire and, really, Crypt is self-explanatory.  Anyway, we also lived with my cat Poe who was a scamp and hated Nathan (and most everybody else on the planet) rather a lot.  Nathan wrote the following poem in honor of Poe on this exact day in 2004. 



Homie was such a mighty bear that he was made the king
Of all the animals in the Woods and nearly Everything
All the creatures loved him so for he was good and wise
Sorting predator from prey and discerning truth from lies
Benevolence and nobility were Homie's stock in trade
Anyone will tell you he's the "Best Bear Ever Made"
So Homie was quite unprepared when he finally met his match
In form of little furball who would hiss and bite and scratch
She goes by Poe, don't you know, a haughty grey-haired cat
Meowing for attention yet saying "Don't look at me like that."
She ran away his very first day, getting him in poo
Plotting havoc against the bear and laughing at him, too
All she does is be's real bad, pretending to be dumb
But if you're ever mad at her she moons you with her bum
Homie Bear tried to reason, to obtain her loyalty
But Poe refused to recognize any non-her royalty
Homie finally realized he was no longer ruler of the land
Instead of King, Homie now was third place in command

- Nathan Waddell