Dark Knits Boutique: Nikki is making awesome things

Do you remember when I interviewed Nikki of Dark Knits Boutique?  (Refresh your mind here.)

Wonder what she's been up to lately?  Well, as always, she's making things that you might want to buy.  Take a look at what I'm affectionately calling The Release the Kraken Collection:

Photo courtesy of Dark Knits Boutique

Photo courtesy of Dark Knits Boutique

Aren't they glorious?  Octopus (or Kraken) themed bottles and flasks.

How are they made?  I'll let Nikki tell you, she's the mistress of awesome on these.

"All are made from thick glass, hand sculpted fired polymer and glazed for protection. They are all numbered and signed, no two are the same and this is the first run so their numbers are low. The lightbulb terrariums have dried moss, caraway and handmade copper spindle trinkets inside - because they are dried they are idiot proof and do not need water: they'll stay green forever.

They are available at my Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shops/darkknitsetsy."

Photo courtesy of Dark Knits Boutique

The lightbulb terrariums are especially delightful.  And a no-kill plant promise!   

Visit the Dark Knits Boutique Etsy shop to purchase one of these limited edition beauties for yourself or use this handy form - Contact Dark Knits - to email Nikki directly.


- Corinne Simpson