Friday Funhouse: A collection of things from my head

One of the reasons why I love Twitter is the random requests you can put out and have fulfilled in 140 characters or less.  Answer my call, Twitter!  I require food eroticism!  And voila:

And so the phrase 'peelable dildo' entered the world lexicon.


Then later Alan brought this article to my attention.  It concerns one of my most beloved childhood shows, Jem and the Holograms.  A certain group of industry 'professionals' has decided to create a live-action version of everybody's favorite 80s girl group.  This could be a hellish travesty the likes of which the world has never seen or it could be quite cool.  Alan and I discussed it on Twitter:

And finally, my favorite search query this week:

'roald dahl high witch latex'

That would make a smashing costume.  Nikki, are you reading?  Anyway, let's end the work week on that high note.

- Corinne Simpson