Terima Kasih - Sama Sama

Thank you and you're welcome are two phrases used a lot in any language and Bahasa Indonesia is no different. A few of my original posts are about my experiences traveling around Indonesia and they were entitled Terima Kasih (thank you) Indonesia. 

It doesn't take much to be thankful and saying thank you is actually one of the greatest acts of kindness we can impart on others. 

Well, I'd like to take this time to say "Thank you" to Corinne, our site mistress and THE Vampire Nomad for hosting my words and stories and for providing me with a platform to do so. Being able to create has been a godsend. I've enjoyed writing and collaborating with Vampire Nomad and we have had some crazy conversations that our readership have been privy to. We cannot forget about our polygamy post. Of course, working with Alan and Nathan has been an amazing experience as well.  This is one talented group of writers.

Of course, I would be no where without you, dear readers. Thank you for commenting on and reading my words.

In the future, I look forward to creating my own brand and of course writing. As always, you can find me on twitter. 


Jennifer Ward

RantingnRaven on twitter