Farewell RantingnRaven: A Greatest Hits Retrospective

Jennifer Ward (RantingnRaven) is leaving VampireNomad.com to pursue her writing elsewhere and we all wish her the best in her future endeavors!  Thank you so much for the time you gave us, Jennifer, and for all the words you created and shared.

In honor of Jennifer's departure and to celebrate her work on the site, Alan and I have selected three of our favorites of her posts to highlight.  Enjoy re-reading these gems, loves, and discuss your own favorite posts of Jennifer's in the comments.

Alan's picks:

'Terima Kasih (thank you) Indonesia Part 1' - Well done description of a place I'll probably never see, and I love the bit with the deer getting into her hotel room.

'Parenting is Parenting, Biological or Not' - I thought this was a wonderful and heartful explanation of what it means to be a parent.

'The Cheapening of the Written Word' - This was a discussion of the importance and difficulty of writing that I could really relate to.

Corinne's picks:

'Oh Monstrous Monday... it's you again' - I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays too and I always love a good musical exploration of a theme and Jennifer dove into both of those things in this post to delightful results.

'Debris' - Jennifer has a gift for poetry and this was one of my favorites.  The imagery in this really worked for me.

'The Zombie Apocalypse and our Seven Polygamist Husbands' - Honestly, Jennifer and I had some epic conversations so one of them was bound to make my top three.  But out of all the crazy conversations we had - coulrophobia, misogyny, Jem and the Holograms - the most entertaining and unforgettable has to be this one.  In which we got sidetracked while having a serious discussion about polygamy and ended up selecting seven hunky celebrities to be our fantasy husbands. 

Thank you for all you gave us, Jennifer!  Thanks for the good times.

And readers, don't be strangers.  Stay in touch with Jennifer on Twitter: @RantingnRaven.


- Corinne Simpson and Alan Decker