Nathan's Laserium: Calling all Cthulhoids!

This week's exhibit in the Laserium is a gem Nathan wrote years ago but which has never been seen by public eyes until today.  Years ago he wrote it to submit to, in his words: "it was a writing contest to come up with a fake writing contest. So meta."  And that is really all the introduction it needs.  It's, in a word, amazing.


Calling all Cthulhoids!

Another thousand years has come and gone and you know what that means-
it's time for you Great Old Ones to take pen in tentacle and submit
your entry to Yog Sothoth's Writing Contest of Agglomeratious Disintegration.
In our inter-dimensional travels we have all too often been witness to
unspeakable horrors and dread things that should not be.  And I want
to hear about them!  Send me your accounts of your most terrifying
vomit-inducing nightmares.  Was it a cute puppy?  A lover giving his
mate a flower?  A child saying its first word? Nothing is too obscene
for this contest!  The fouler the better.

I, Yog Sothoth, dread lord of the  Nine Underworlds of R'lyeh, along
with my fellow judge Shub-Niggurath, shall choose the winning entry.

The winner shall receive a century long, all-inclusive cruise to the
ten dimensions of Sekkurash.   
Winning entry will appear in CthuLOL Magazine.

To enter simply submit your manuscript, written in mortal blood, along
with the entry fee of 666 innocent souls to me via Arcane Induction of
the Vorvadocth, found on page 37 of your Illustrated Necronomicon, by
5:00 PM, Wednesday, October 31st.

Contest void to denizens of the Seventh Corpuscular Hell, and in Quebec.


- Nathan Waddell