Live Blog: Scooby Doo 'Foul Play in Funland'

How do I still know all the words to the theme song?  If brain scans were able to read which parts of your brain's memory capacity are taken up with which kinds of information I suspect the largest percentage of my brain would be comprised of CSI episodes, TV theme songs, Princess Bride quotes, and NSync lyrics.

Scooby is a Great Dane, right?  I can't think what else he'd be.  Pointer?  Setter?  Malamute?  Greyhound?  He's definitely a Great Dane.  Right?

I forgot how obsessed with food Scooby and Shaggy are.  I think we can all agree the subtext is that it’s because Shaggy’s stoned.

Fred is super bossy, man.  He’s like totally harshing Shaggy’s buzz.

An empty amusement park at night suddenly turns itself on and nobody thinks that’s weird?  It’s just “cool beans, y’all, let’s play!”

There’s a laugh track!  Guys, this cartoon has a laugh track.  It was recorded before a live studio audience?  All this time Scooby was live action!  

Yeah, it’s all coming back to me now.  Scooby and Shaggy always go off together and they always find the ghost by accident.  Or in this case, yellow-eyed robot that Shaggy describes as looking “like a man from Mars”.  

Did Velma totally feel like a third wheel?  Or were her and Shaggy hooking up between bong hits?  I mean it’s a given that Fred and Daphne were together, obviously.  

I’m calling it now: Mr. Jenkins and his sister, the caretakers of Funland, are behind the hijinks.  Because there has to be some old guy we meet early on who denies all knowledge of the weirdness that the gang later rips the mask off so he can say “I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids and your dang dog!”

The amusement park turned itself off then back on and the robot-martian seems to be bombarding the gang with hot dogs and stuffed animals.  Dastardly villain!  I shake my fist in your general direction!  

Classic, chase him into the Tunnel of Love and of course Freddy and Daphne sit together.

I feel like your best plan of action isn’t going to be sending Scooby and Shaggy off unsupervised.  

I love their running.  It’s all circular feet and bent torsos.  

I used to love this show so much when I was little.  The mysteries, the crazy ghosts, the Mystery Machine, the random humor.  I remember thinking Daphne was the height of fashion.

Fred is actually kind of like a hybrid of Frank and Joe Hardy.  He’s got Joe’s blonde looks and Frank’s sense of duty and organization.  If Daphne and Velma were mashed together they’d be Nancy Drew.  Daphne has the right hair but she’s entirely too daft to be Nancy on her own.  Though both Nancy and the Hardys did entirely more clue-following than dope-smoking and trap-setting.  (Again, I’m assuming the dope is a given.)

It’s classic that all Scooby needs to hide in plain sight is a coat and hat.  I’ve dressed my cat in coats and chapeaus before and trust me, he still definitively looks like a cat.

Mr. Jenkins made the robot-martian named Charlie to run Funland without him.  Essentially Charlie the robot is a giant bid to shirk work.  Wouldn’t it just be easier to hire some teenagers?

Oh snap!  Big reveal.  Mr. Jenkins’ sister sabotaged the robot because she doesn’t think robots should work where children are present.  The gang agrees with this sage assessment.  Wait, what?  Because a robot running a carnival is more creepy than most carnies?  Or stranger than one elderly couple single-handedly running an entire amusement park without workers?

Damn, memories. 


- Corinne Simpson