Pick of the Week – May 26-June 1, 2014

One of the many, many wonderful things about the Internet is the platform it provides for creative folks from every discipline imaginable to share their work.  Due to bandwidth limitations, prose was pretty much the first form expression to fill web pages, but art wasn’t far behind and with it the rise of the web comic.

Newspapers have limited space for comics (and it’s been shrinking in many), and the comics that are there tend to be aimed for as broad of an audience as possible.  Granted, I did find a Sally Forth comic about Doctor Who, but generally Fox Trot was the geek’s lone oasis on the comics page.

Web comics changed all that, and readers can find a comic online (probably dozens) that fit their particular interests and/or sense of humor.  I read about ten on a regular basis.  Some are big names in web comics, such as XKCD and Penny Arcade, but one of my absolute favorites is less well known and this week’s pick: Real Life.

Greg Dean started Real Life in 1999 and, as the title would suggest, based it on his real life.  He used exaggerated versions of himself and his friends (which is really how my Star Traks stories got started) and has spent the last fourteen finding humor in life’s moments, pop culture, and the occasional wild plot line.  One of Greg’s (comic character Greg, not cartoonist Greg), Tony, roommates is a self-described super villain, after all.  Over the course of the comic, Greg has gotten married, moved a few times, and had a child.  One day’s comic may focus on some aspect of parenting, while the next involves a trip back in time.  Obviously a comic that’s been running as long as Real Life has quite an archive, but here are a few of my more recent favorites:

Greg and I have similar interests - http://reallifecomics.com/comic.php?comic=title-3012

And lack of interests - http://reallifecomics.com/comic.php?comic=september-23-2013

I’m with Greg on this one - http://reallifecomics.com/comic.php?comic=november-18-2013

On villainy - http://reallifecomics.com/comic.php?comic=february-11-2014

Real Life is busy - http://reallifecomics.com/comic.php?comic=april-30-2014

The comic isn’t updated quite as regularly as the artist would like because real life keeps getting in the way of Real Life, but that just means you have more time to catch up on the strip’s archive.  It's definitely worth your valuable time.

- Alan Decker

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