Nathan's Laserium: E=mc2

A Note from VampireNomad: On February 16 of 2004 Nathan wrote this poem. Later that year he and I fled the comfy confines of the Woodsy Crypt for our epic journey across Malaysia, Singapore, and New Zealand.  This poem was very timely that year.  And it's lovely: it encapsulates much of the whimsy that I adore about Nathan's writing.



Einstein wrote a poem 
Describing the shape of the universe 
So I'm going to see if he was right 
How could I not? 
Lightspeed and time travel and 
every wonder I can think of 
And even more that I can't 
A whole galaxy of experience 
spiral arms scooping up adventure 
For whoever wants to find it 
I can't wait 
So good-bye Mom 
Good-bye Dad 
and everyone else 
I love you all 
I'll be back in a few years 
though it might seem longer 
(Depending how fast I go - 
what with relativity and all) 
And when I get back 
we'll share new poems 
and old laughter 
Describing the shape of our lives 
We'll toast Einstein 
and each other 
All is right with the universe

- Nathan Waddell