Nathan's Laserium: Godbear

A few years ago I wrote a Tiny Story for some other blog's writing contest. I came in second I think. Never did get my prize! Oh well. The rules were simple- the story had to be exactly 100 words and no word could be used twice. The original of this actually used "nations" twice within a few words of each other. I dunno how I missed that. Oh well. Enjoy.



Godbear rouses from eons-long hibernation bellowing contempt. Screaming rage. Cities crumble in aftershocks as sulfur-tinged spumes burst forth out of mighty ursine nostrils. Worldwide, countries panic. United Nations’ Security Council convenes a special committee, its mandate counter-monsterism.

Prototype giant robots fall one after another under divine onslaught. Bullets, bombs, lasers, even nukes– ineffectual. Swallowed whole. Defeat seems imminent. Secretary General Marilyn Manson surrenders, then resigns. White flags fly everywhere. Yet, silence. The deity has forsaken Earth, seeking starry salmon amidst galactic byways. Supernovae herald this heavenly arrival with ultradense neutronium bursts.

She’s there still. You know her name:

Ursa Major.


- Nathan Waddell