Bonus Nathan's Laserium: Tomhardification by Nathan

Nathan very kindly donated this AMAZING nostalgic reminiscence as a bonus post this week and it makes me SQUEE in delight (which, hilariously, is actually a thing I do in his memory in the post too).  I just wanted to add a preface to say that yes, I was in on the Tom Hardy thing really early on.  Sure everybody's collective jaws dropped when he showed up all dapper and sarcastic and wittily bantering with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Eames in Inception and rightfully so.  But I was more of the "FINALLY" opinion because seriously this guy has been bloody well amazing (and hot) for so long now and the world has taken it's sweet time catching on.  Tom Hardy, ladies and gentlemen.  And as for Gina Gershon and Craig Parker, the good things never go out of style.  I've been on the Gina Gershon fangirl bandwagon for so long I feel like I can't remember a time I didn't absolutely love her.  Even in batshit movies like Face/Off Gina is consistently the best thing going.  She sings!  She writes!  She acts!  She loves her cat!  She is hilarious and sexy at the same time!  Anyway.  On to Nathan's post.  (And if you don't know who Craig Parker is, my friends... that is why Google was invented.  For learning.)  


Tomhardification by Nathan

Remember the halcyon days of the Woodsy Crypt? It was a simpler era of mostly we just watched movies and tv shows chosen by the VampireNomad. There were a few simple criteria for these programs. They needed to star either Gina Gershon, Craig Parker or Tom Hardy. Back in those days Tom Hardy was mostly known for playing the Romulan clone of Jean-Luc Picard or something, Shinzon, in Star Trek Nemesis. I'm hazy on the details and my PS2 from those days had a lot of trouble playing Nemesis, no matter how many copies I brought home from the video store where I worked. (Which is now a dollar store in the shopping centre closest to my house, weird.)
I'm losing my point in the nostalgic musings. My point is simple: back then I didn't really get why Tom Hardy should be singled out for such adulation. I gamely went along with her, but I didn't see it myself. His other claim to fame back then was he briefly appeared, naked and scrambling for his clothes, in a late episode of 'Band of Brothers'. Like, episode 9 of 10. Again, didn't really see the appeal.
When the first pictures of Bane showed up I was like, "Hey that huge-ass dude has the same name as the guy my old room-mate was into way back when. That skinny naked guy from 'Band of Brothers'. Whatever happened to that guy anyways?"
The answer is he got awesome. He got so awesome that he defined new realms of awesome such that the word awesome itself is obsolete.
My wife Michelle and I watched Warrior last week. What a great movie. You should watch it. Oh you've seen it already? Watch it again! After it was over I told Michelle that I had a lot of work to do the next day. She was like, why, it's Canada Day it's a holiday. And I was like, the tomhardification of Nathan must begin anew!
You know, because I work out. Inspirational and all that.
Tweeted that and the VampireNomad was like, squeeee! A new term was coined. She even came up with units with which to measure tomhardification. Banes! And since I am but a wee mere mortal, I quickly realized that I could only measure myself in milliBanes.
We can only strive to reach one Bane.

- Nathan Waddell

Postscript by the VampireNomad: OMIGOD TOMHARDIFICATION!  And Banes and MilliBanes.  This is added to the Nathan Lexicon which also includes Cloonilogy (to describe the collected works of George Clooney).  One day I will write the definitive dictionary of Nathan.  It will be a best seller.  Meryl Streep will read the audiobook version.