Pick of the Week – May 12-18, 2014

While my Pick of the Week is traditionally from the world of entertainment (If something that has only been around for a few months can even be said to have traditions), this week’s pick is venturing off into a wonderful new realm: food!

Okay.  I may be overstating things a bit, but I need to talk to you about Doritos.

Yes, the snack chip.

Stop looking at me like that.  These aren’t just any Doritos.  Right now (and I have no idea for how much longer) the Doritos Jacked brand has three “Test Flavors” on sale.  The bags don’t say what the flavors are and are only differentiated by their color and the flavor number.  The red (#855) and blue (#2653) are okay.  Well, red is okay (and really spicy).  Blue is odd.

For me, though, it’s all about the yellow bag (#404).  Some chips remind me a bit of Indian food and others give me a hint of Caribbean cooking, like jerk chicken.  There is definitely a citrus element (lime and orange juice solids are listed as ingredients).  What flavor that adds up to, I have no idea.  I’ve seen online reviewers guess everything from Lime BBQ to Mountain Dew. 

Whatever it is, they certainly don’t taste like a regular Dorito, and I’ve found them seriously addictive.  I’ve gone through three bags so far.  Not all at once.  But faster than I care to admit.

I’m going to buy another bag aren’t I?  Crap.  I so don’t need to be eating those things.  But they’re soooo good! *

* Your Taste Buds May Vary


-Alan Decker

@CmdrAJD on Twitter