Pick of the Week – June 23-29, 2014

Back in the Dark Ages of television, once the main season was over in May, that was it.  You were stuck with reruns for months until the new season started in the Fall.  Now, thanks to increased competition for viewers from the seventy billion channels that are out there now, we get new shows year round.

A few weeks ago, once such new series premiered on the Syfy Channel (For the record, I still hate that name), brought to us by one of my all-time favorite people: Wil Wheaton.  And I’m not kidding about that “all-time favorite” thing.  You can read an entire POST I wrote about him on this very site.

Mr. Wheaton’s new show and this week’s pick, aptly titled The Wil Wheaton Project, is a half hour program along the lines of The Soup or Tosh 2.0 in which Wheaton gives viewers a humorous rundown of the previous week’s events in the world of science fiction and fantasy film and movies with his usual level of infectious enthusiasm.  Here’s a clip from an early episode focusing on the upcoming Batman prequel series, Gotham:


The series has been picked up for a 12 week run on Syfy (Grrrrrrrrrrrr), which will be one third of the way done by the time this is posted.  The earlier episodes are likely available online or through your cable company’s On Demand service.  It’s a diverting way to spend half an hour each week, and hopefully enough viewers will find it that Mr. Wheaton will be able to keep doing the show for a long time to come.

- Alan Decker

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