Robot + Queen = Killer


Nathan says: Here is a collaborative poem about the robot that killed Queen on the cover of News of the World. I started writing it as a joke for the end of my post on poetry, and then Corinne decided to run with it and now we deserve some sort of robot queen pullit surprise! Or instant death. Either way, please enjoy!
Corinne says: I laughed so hard at 'pullit surprise', you guys. But seriously we probably deserve one. This is like a poetic seventh wonder. This is what happens when two great minds sort of... run around like mad... and throw words at the screen... ROBOTS! QUEEN! It defies both introduction and explanation.


The robot wanted to be a Queen
But he was programmed to be too mean
He should have just said to Brian May
“I have a guitar, can I play?”
He demonstrated with a wicked riff
and no members of Queen could have a tiff
“That robot can play,” they all agreed
and it was decided, it was decreed
the robot would join them up on the stage
(Nobody puts Robot in a corner cage)
The robot joined in on Killer Queen
it brought down the house, it was nearly obscene
Freddie gestured to play some more
so they all broke into an orchestral score
(If you remember Metropolis
you totally know how to rock to this)
and the robot surprised himself as they played
with a feedback loop in his brain that said
“can’t we give ourselves one more chance”
and the pressure mounted as Freddie danced
The robot rocked and the robot wailed
and the members of Queen eardrums assailed
They never become some background noise
everybody united, all the girls and boys
Every fat-bottomed girl and skinny lad
(lest you think morals are all pretty bad)
this tale comes out with a hell of a close
It’s something the robot learned and now knows
It’s that we are the champions, my friend
and we’ll keep on fighting till the end
Keep on fighting till the
keep on fighting
keep on
reboot robot reboot
Prime Directive Killer Queen
with a tommy gun
dynamite with a laser beam
"Mama, I just killed a man!"
Another one bites the dust


- Nathan Waddell and Corinne Simpson