I turned some poor soul into a monster thing using my "skills of an artist" (a little Strongbad reference for you there, fellow internet nerds) and I know you're all DYING to see the results.

Et voila:

MUA: Corinne Simpson @ VampireNomad Palette

Photographer: Erika @ ByDesign Photography

The wonderful Erika shot this beautiful creature and a very patient mystery model sat for hours while I airbrushed and painted identity into oblivion.

Who is the mystery model?  You tell me!  Can you see through the makeup to recognize the features beneath?  Leave your guesses in the comments.  (No fair guessing if you're one of those already in the know.  Don't be spoilsports.)

MUA: Corinne Simpson @ VampireNomad Palette    Photographer: Erika @ ByDesign Photography

One of these days I'll learn how to do consummate V's and a more different S.  ;) 

- Corinne Simpson