Nathan's Laserium: Guest Post 'Robot Love'

Well kids, it's finally happened.  Nathan has been sucked into the vortex of space-time known as Vacation.  Vacation claimed him and his entire family, sadly, but I have managed to wrangle a deal that will see Nathan returned to us safe and sound when Vacation is through with him.  In the meantime, though, what of the Laserium?  Without fuel every Thursday it will cease to function and you, our beloved readers, will be adrift, anchorless in a cruel sea of time without Laserium to ground you.

Fear not!  I love you too well to let that happen.  I have found a wonderful substitute.  A reader and friend of the site has contributed a very worthy offering in the vein of Nathan's Laserium that I think everyone will love.  I call it 'Robot Love'.

Robot Love by @Vixless

See?  The Laserium and robots welcome you with arms wide open and hearts full of love. 

Thank you so much to @vixless for this absolutely spot-on sketch.  Send your gratitude and demands for more to her via Twitter.

And we'll see you next time.  Same robot-time, same robot-channel.


- Corinne Simpson / @vixless