You're gonna be popular!

I’ve been blogging for a very long time.  Well, since 2004 at least.  That’s EONS!  Well, no, it’s a mere heartbeat in the life of a vampire.  No, it’s not even that.  Vampires don’t have heartbeats.  It’s a decade.  Which is nothing and everything at once.

Let me start over.

I’ve been blogging for awhile but this site, this beautiful writerly haven, started in March of 2013.  Just over a year.  I love it here.  And I love Alan and Nathan for joining me on this wordy adventure into the deep unknown of the internet.  Thank you, guys!  I couldn’t do this without you.  And Roger, we miss you!

We’ve explored some wondrous topics since last March.  Robots.  Comics.  Vampires.  Wil Wheaton.  Doctor Who.  Star Trek.  X-Men.  Travel.  Misogyny.  Aliens.  Phobias.  Song lyrics.  Movies.  There are a lot of fabulous things we’ve explored together.

But is there a Most Popular post?  Is there a top dog amongst all the puppies in the kennel?

There is.  

One post has consistently drawn readers to it.  One post has been perpetually searched.  One post to rule them all, one post to find them, one post to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.  I thought you’d be interested to know what that post is.  *cue drum roll*  Voted Most Popular on VampireNomad is...

Dracula’s Lucy Westenra: An Analysis 

So to all you english and literature students who have been assigned essays on Bram Stoker or Lucy Westenra or comparing and contrasting Lucy and Mina... to all you who do exhaustive research online... to those who are maybe vampire aficionados like me or who enjoy reading opinion pieces... or to those of you who plagiarize essays found online and cobble together the sentences of others to pass off as your own... to all of you, you’re welcome.  And thank you.  Dear Lucy has a lot of fans, and that is as it should be. 


- Corinne Simpson