The Semi-Comprehensive Guide to CSI Fetish Episodes

Why am I even writing an intro?  The title says everything you need to know.  This is a semi-comprehensive guide to every CSI episode that involves or features a fetish. 

You want more.  You want me to unpack that for you.  Okay.

CSI has a storied history - amusingly considering it's a prime time procedural on a major network - of episodes that feature strange and fascinating fetishes.  This is a tradition started when the show was (in my non-humble opinion) far better than it is now and starred the King of Bugs and the Queen of Sass, Gil Grissom (William Petersen) and Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger).  They and their merry band of hot crime solving nerds would encounter all manner of strange things on the graveyard shift in Las Vegas and some of those things would involve fetishes.  These episodes became famous (or infamous depending on if you're aligned with the PTC or not) for their bold examinations of subculture.  Grissom always played the anthropologist: scientifically and endlessly fascinated by the varieties of human behavior and preference.  Catherine always played us: equally fascinated and just as likely to either loft her eyebrows in disbelief or have a personal story somehow related to the proceedings.

I assumed that the internet in its infinite obsessive weirdness would have a catalog of all these CSI kink/fetish episodes season by season because that seems like a listing tailor-made for the internet, no?  But lo and behold, when I went searching (despite the fact that my brain has every episode tidily memorized) I discovered that such a list did not, in fact, exist. 

Clearly I was being called to a higher (or lower depending on your point of view - mom stop reading now) purpose.  And that purpose is this: to compile as near to a comprehensive list as possible of fetishes and kinks explored on CSI and to track which episode features which fetish and what season to find the episode in. 

Here it is, then, internet.  The guide you've been missing for fourteen years.  You're welcome.

(Note: this only deals with CSI: Original Flavor.  Vegas, baby.  If you want a guide to Miami kink, you'll need to *remove glasses* check with Vice.  Yeeeeeeeaaaaaah!)

Your Guide to Kink and Fetish Episodes on CSI

Those of you who are singular in your fascination may be crying out in protest.  "But VampireNomad, this list only has four Lady Heather episodes on it and there are six Lady Heather Episodes in CSI history!  Why aren't they all listed?" 

Look, I love Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke) as much as anyone but you have to know just because she started her CSI life as a dominatrix with a thriving dungeon domain does not mean every single episode she's in directly features a kink or fetish.  I know!  Your mind is blown.  Also she's only Lady Heather for the first five.  In her last appearance (thus far) she's Dr. Kessler.  But fear not, I have your back either way.  Here are all the Lady Heather/Dr. Kessler episodes:

Slaves of Las Vegas (Season 2)
Lady Heather's Box (Season 3)
Pirates of the Third Reich (Season 6)
The Good, the Bad, and the Dominatrix (Season 7)
Leave Out All the Rest (Season 9)
Unleashed (Season 11)

Well kids, I guess I know what you'll all be doing this long weekend, hmmm?  *wink*  Go on, then.  Enjoy.


- Corinne Simpson