Guardians of the Galaxy: A Review

This isn’t your typical movie review, kids.

This is a recommendation.  Go see this movie.  Go see Guardians of the Galaxy.  Run, don’t walk.

“But VampireNomad, why?  Why should we go see a movie about aliens and overlords and spaceships and superpowers and a talking raccoon?  Just based on your recommendation?  Just because you said so?  You need to give us reasons.”

I don’t want to give you reasons, though.  I don’t want to ruin this movie by over-hyping it or giving you errant impressions or spoiling key moments that are so much better discovered on your own.  It’s just a joy, that’s all.  It’s a joy to be in the theatre.  It’s a joy to strap in and be part of the ride.  It’s a joy to laugh out loud and to care about a bunch of crazy characters because they’re interesting, flawed, funny, and daring.

“I don’t know if I’ll like it, though, VampireNomad.  I mean I saw the trailer.  The girl who plays Uhura in the new Star Trek movies is green!  And Bradley Cooper is a talking raccoon!  And there’s some kind of walking tree thing!  And it’s in space?  And there are alien villains and stuff.... I just don’t know.  I mean... why should I take the chance?”

Cast your mind back, if you can, if you’re old enough, to the spring of 1977.  The halcyon days of yore when movie effects were still done with little models and there wasn’t online ticket purchasing or 3D (or 4D) options.  That May a little film called Star Wars was released.  And it had a “giant walking carpet” of a hairy character that did nothing but growl and a gold talking robot and a little beeping wheeled robot and Jedi warriors using a mysterious Force and a rebel bounty hunter and a princess and spaceships and destroyed planets and a dark lord... and everybody took a chance on it and everybody loved it.  It became a cultural touchstone that changed the perspectives and sparked the imaginations of an entire generation.  Moreover, it was a joy to watch.  It was a joy to strap in and be part of the ride.  

I’m not saying Guardians of the Galaxy is the next Star Wars.  But I am saying it just might be worth taking a chance on because otherwise you might miss out on a brand new rollicking, amusing, breathtaking space opera.

You want more?  I will throw amazing two-word combinations at you and you decide which ones excite you most.

Vin Diesel
awesome mixtape
‘Cherry Bomb’
Glenn Close
Karen Gillan
Chris Pratt
Zoe Saldana
‘O-O-H Child’
Kevin Bacon*


* note: Kevin Bacon is in the film in spirit only


- Corinne Simpson